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When A Mullo Loves A Woman by JoAnne Kenrick
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really liked it

I didn’t mean to read this, I just wanted a feel for what I’d be getting myself into. But I got so caught up in it, I ended up emailing it to myself and reading it on my phone while I picked my kids up from school, at the park while they played, and finally I was able to finish it at home.

I guess that’s a review in itself.

I liked the heroine, Pearl, but she took a bit of getting used to for me. She’s from Liverpool, and not only her accent, but the way she speaks demonstrate that. Celeste (her bff/roommate) irritated me a ton, at first, but she also grew on me. My favorite scene with her was near the end, when she walked up to a fireman after her apartment went up in flames, and “ she complained of being hot and bothered.” My hubby's a fireman, maybe I should complain of that more often?

The plot is mainly about Pearl and this mystery guy who keeps popping up and saving her from unusual circumstances…like a bookstore that isn’t really there, or a woman who both inspires fear and awe…and isn’t really there. A magical amulet, and Pearl’s own Gypsy heritage.
Pearl just wants to go to college and date a cute boy named Evan, but it’s not quite in the cards. Instead she ends up constantly thrown together with Adam, the sultry and mysterious Gypsy boy. And she soon finds out Evan is not quite what he seems, neither is Celeste, nor Celeste’s mother Agatha. While Pearl’s world spins dizzily out of control, she must find a certain book that could hold the key to her whole life.

There were a lot of fun quotes too. This was my favorite:
"So I'm up the ghostie creek without an EMF meter"

It was a quick fun read, but it doesn’t quite have that Urban Fantasy feel. I would classify it as more of a Young Adult Mystery even though it is NOT Young Adult lit. So if you enjoy YA lit, but want a good sex scene in there, this would be for you. And if you like a good mystery with a huge twist at the end, then this would be for you.
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December 6, 2010 – Started Reading
December 6, 2010 – Shelved
December 7, 2010 –
page 11
5.39% ""Tell me again why we signed up for summer art courses?" I knew why, it was because Celeste had a crush on the nude model."
December 7, 2010 –
page 17
8.33% ""one more minute and I would have been lying flat on my back begging for a good seeing to.""
December 7, 2010 –
page 38
18.63% "the girls (22 and 25) act like teens, now I'm checking to see if this is YA lit?"
December 7, 2010 –
page 43
21.08% ""So I'm up the ghostie creek without an EMF meter" lol!!"
December 7, 2010 –
page 85
41.67% ""I pee a lot when I'm nervous." I think I like our heroine! She's quirky."
December 7, 2010 –
page 146
71.57% ""I had a sister. And she was my best friend." Aww, she just found out she's got a sister :)"
December 7, 2010 – Finished Reading

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message 1: by Tutti (new) - added it

Tutti Dolci So, is this a good read or not so much?

Laura the Highland Hussy It's good, I just couldn't tell, but since it's done by decadent publishing, I have a hard time seeing it as YA. The heroine and her bff just act really young

In fact I didn't mean to start it today, I just wanted a feel for it, but it's kind of sucked me in :)

message 3: by Tutti (new) - added it

Tutti Dolci Ah, good. I added it to my TBR list. :)

Laura the Highland Hussy lol, ahh my work here is done :D

Actually this one will be really hard to review for me.
It has a mystery or maybe UF lite feel to it.
But I'm not done, and the back blurb says it has a soul-mate reincarnated love thing going I'm sucked right in, and still don't know how to classify it halfway through! lol

message 5: by JoAnne (new)

JoAnne Kenrick WOW, you read that fast, Laurie xx Thanks for reading, and posting on Goodreads -- I'm thrilled you enjoyed your experience!

Laura the Highland Hussy Would you like to know why I read that so fast? Oh gee, I COULDN'T put it down!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

message 7: by JoAnne (new)

JoAnne Kenrick Yeay! You know I'm grinning from ear to ear now, right?! LOL

message 8: by Bark (new)

Bark This sounds really cute. I loved the ghostie quote.

Laura the Highland Hussy BarkLessWagMore wrote: "This sounds really cute. I loved the ghostie quote."

it cracked me up!

Laura the Highland Hussy Lol! I agree!! I felt so gypped in breaking dawn!

Laura the Highland Hussy I haven't read VA yet, but I think that there are ways to put in a sex scene without it being graphic...not that I would in YA...not saying that! But Twilight was read by such a wide variety of people, that I think they could have had a kiss and a caress and a fade to black, rather than skipping it altogether.

But if you like that type of story, you'll love "Mullo." The sex is more like what we would normally read, but with the fun YA feel

Laura the Highland Hussy Yeah but I was dissatisfied. :(
Oh well. I'm not a huge fan of ya to begin with.

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