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The Case Against Lawyers by Catherine Crier
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Dec 06, 2010

liked it

I ended up skimming through a lot of this. There is some interesting reading here, much of it anecdotal accounts of "cases" beginning with civil and moving progressively through criminal. We finally get to Political influence in making law.

While the book touches on the bloating of litigation and expansion of laws themselves (multiple thousands of pages in laws etc.) it takes up most of it's time laying out the "problem" and closes basically telling us what we know. We need a return to common sense and (though not stated as such) less governmental control and dependency and more acceptence of responsibility.

Like everyone I moan and roll my eyes when someone gets a multiple million dollar award for some careless action of their own ("I didn't know that coffee I was holding between my legs as I drove would burn me if it spilled....pay me"). I always wonder what reasoning process lead a jury to decide someone should get millions of dollars for whatever... No way to tell of course, but it must have made sense to them at the time. Maybe they all went out for "hot coffee" after the trial? Oh well, who knows.

Some may eat this book up more than I. I found it mildly interesting, but not enthralling. I think I'd have preferred a succinct sort of "here's the problem and here are my thoughts on correcting it" sort of format. Others will say, well that's what this is. It is that I think only in the broadest sense and while not bad, didn't tell me a lot(aside from the details to a number or horrible miscarriages of justice) I wasn't at least somewhat aware of. To each their own. As I said not bad.
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