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Legacy by Molly Cochran
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This was one book I wanted to love. I thought it would be another boarding school witch romance novel, which I've thought of as good in general. However, due to a boring first 3/4, cliched love, a lack of worldbuilding, and a lot of missed opportunities, I just couldn't. The only redeeming things are the fairly original plotline, some of the characters, and the ending.

The first three quarters reads something like this:
Katy: I hate my dad. He sent me off to this weird school in a weird little town so he could smooch his horrible girlfriend...
Peter: I hate your guts for no reason.
Katy: He's hot.
Gram and Agnes (or is it Agatha?): Hi, relative! Let's do fun things like make quilts!
Hattie: You've now got a new job at my cafe! And guess who your new coworker is!
Peter: I still hate your guts for no reason.
Katy: I hate you, too. Even though you're hot.
Hattie: And oh, BTW, you're a witch. Wanna help me do spells in the kitchen?
Katy: That's cool. Sure.
Peter: *broods*
Me:Ugh. Another brooding twerp.
Hattie: Oh joy, a witch holiday!
Katy: Is Peter a witch or not? I hope he is, otherwise we can never be together...
Me: Ugh.
Hattie: Oh joy, another witch holiday!
Me: I'm bored.
Peter: Katy, I love you, except I have a lot of deep dark secrets!!
Me: Oh please.
Katy: *swoons* I love you tooooo! *they kiss*
Hattie: Oh joy, another witch holiday!
Peter: *broods*

As you can see, it's really boring. And it goes on and on for about 200 pages. Boring witch holidays, boring Katy daydreaming over Peter, etc. Also, you learn NOTHING about her school. You'd think it would have more importance, but it's not elaborated about at all. I thought it would make a great setting. A school that's half witch and half rich heiresses ought to have a lot of drama, right? Apparently not as much as some people performing rituals. And Peter and Katy spouting boilerplate garbage about having secrets and not wanting to hurt each other, blah blah blah.

I liked the last part, though, since it actually made more sense.

Katy and Peter were pretty flat up front. Katy just sounded like some brat who hated everything, her dad, her dad's girlfriend, etc., EXCEPT for this guy Peter, who is a real jerk. Peter turned out to be some noble, boring good guy. They developed a little more depth, but not that much more.

The secondary characters, like Hattie, Mim, and Ms. P are slightly more interesting. Verity and Cheswick, two fellow students/witches, seemed cool, but they only appeared in, like, one scene. What a waste.

The narration style left a lot to be desired. Whole chunks could have been cut out, while others are way too short. Also, Katy just seems to develop skills out of nowhere. Like she even talks about developing this super important power of reading peoples' feelings in a FLASHBACK. While she's just sitting on a random rock in the middle of the woods.

I liked the world created by the author, but some of the settings need a lot more elaboration.

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