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Give a Boy a Gun by Todd Strasser
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Dec 04, 2010

it was amazing

This is a must read especially for those of us that work in education. Strasser points out the smallest things that we overlook during typical school day. That small shove in the hallway, a joke turned bad, an insult. Where did the world become so insane? The two boys in the book could be anyone and anywhere. Why couldn't they be helped before it came to this, why didn't a friend come forward with the odd behavior they were showing?

The technique in which this book is written is also very interesting. Instead of just telling us the story, it is rather displayed to the reader by the use of comments by individuals who were there, those who were affected by the actions of these two. It also shows that no one is left untouched by an act like this one. No one is left unscathed. By giving glimpses into the mind of the boys who committed the act and those around them, you wonder where the blame must really lie. Or do we all have a hand in our destruction? Is there really someone to blame or has there just been a degeneration in our society itself that has caused these heinous acts?

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