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Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
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Dec 03, 2010

it was amazing
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Honestly, I was actually a bit hesitant to read this book because I used to hate reading classic books, you know books that talk about the past/history and whatnot. I preferred reading books possessing modernized and contemporary plots. Knowing that this book happens to be one of the prequel series of Mortal Instruments, I feel very obliged to read so. But as I started to read this, I knew right then that I was wrong to have that initial thinking. Reading Clockwork Angel gave me the great experience of what was it like back then in the Victorian era. Despite the time setting of the book, Cassandra's writing style did manage to let us indulge in that world she was trying convey. I think this book is better than that of the TMI series. I think it's because there's just something more enticing in here that I failed to come across in the TMI. Or because of the fact that I'm still stuck in between. In City of Bones, I knew right then and there that I loved Jace and that I was on his team for Clary. But this book had me in a difficult dilemma pertaining the two hot guys. I couldn't choose between Will and Jem. The fact that they were both personified as the Black and White Knights like in chess by Tessa gave me the chills because I also tend to have a little dilemma over which color to choose in every starting point of playing chess. The love triangle here somehow elated me to the degree of letting me realize not to choose YET. I could not break the momentum of the love triangle YET. It's what makes me excited and giddy. Haha. About Tessa, well, I like her in a way that I want to be like her. She's such a likable character and easy to be grown attached with. I like the way she interacts with Will and Jem and to the rest of the characters (Jessamine, Sophie, Charlotte, Henry and Thomas). Anyways, right now I am really DYING to read the sequel. There are still many loose threads left to look up to.

PS: I think I just died when I saw that the sequel will be published on September 2011. UGH!
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62.0% "Will or Jem?? Who to choose!?DAMN!!"
December 25, 2010 –
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62.0% "What's with all the WILLs in the world?! It's just like I couldn't get enough of that name! I admit, a name WILL is hot. And to encounter that name for like FOUR TIMES?! (Will in Angelfire, Firelight, Saving Francesca and Clockwork Angel) Goodness! I'm WILL-overload already!! If I'm to ever encounter that name in reality, I might consider to marry him! Provided, that he himself is HOT! haha!"
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Nikita haha! am team Jem!!!! TOTALLY!!! and i like TMI more. haha! nabore man gud ko slight ani jean.. nadrag bitaw ang story. hahaha.. but it's a great book!

Jean Pearl haha! go Jem! haha! dli sa jud ko kapili kit ba! hopefully sa subsequent books, makachoose nko! hahah!! yah..packed with more actions mn gd ang TMI kysa Infernal pero ambot oi y mas ganahan ko ani nga book. haha! wla mn gd ko nabore sa mga supposed to be boring parts dri. haha! lagot kaau ky dugay pa kaau ang sequel.. yah! great book indeed!!!

Nikita haha! really!?!? hmmm.. i mean, i like will more for tessa, JEM is just for me! LOL!!! wahahaha! kaigat! piste!! oh well. pero true bitaw, tessa can end up with will or jem. either way kilig xa and lingaw! pero with jem's condition, murag hopless na xa.. so will na jd nah! aw pwede pud wala xay makatuluyan! WAHAHAHA!!! kaharsh pud! magrally cguro ang mga infernal devices fans! wahaha!
pero dli kaau nko feel c tessa kay dli xa shadowhunter. (biased ako pagdating jan.) and will is simply an asshole! i can't find him appealing! although at first murag love nko xa. and i thought i'll learn to love him throughout the book, pero oi, stagnant ako feelings! murag it never reached its momentum! wahahaha! ambot jean! wala ko kasabot! gusto jd nko ma.inlove sa book!! unfortunately, i can't bring myself to do so. haha. am weird.

Jean Pearl HAHAHAHAHH!!! for u jud?!!! hahahah!!!
ok lng mn pd sa ako na dli shadowhunter c tessa. haha! haha! korek! will is an asshole! pgkamoody nya and all! haha! pero im thinking he has his reasons for being so... haha! dli ka weird kit oi!! the reason is simple. you're still not over TMI. haha!! right noh??

Nikita yeah! for me! lol!!

lain man gud kay xa ang main character pero gnadegrade xa kay dli xa shadowhunter. u know.. pero sure ko dli lng man xa warlock! special jd xa and i can't wait to know unsa jd xa! eeeeek!! yah. naa jd reasons. feeling nko kato ang reason ngano niya g.adtuan si magnus sa last part sa book?? guess lng man nko. gina.isip pud nko bah na naa pud demon part c jem or naay part sa iya na dli acceptable mao xa ing.ana,, AY AMBOT!! BSTA! I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT JUD!!! ghaaaad!!

over nkog tmi jean oi. dli lng jd nko mastop ako sarili sa pagcompare. kay grabe bya pagka.inlove nko kay jace sa tmi. AS IN AS IN!!! hahaha!

Jean Pearl yah! same ta og feeling na special jd c tessa!! sya mn gd ang bida! haha! yah yah!! mao pd akong githink y niadto sya kay magnus!!

atik?? never thought of jem being like that. haha! pero basi pd kit. we never know.. let's just find it all out sa next installment! which is still 7 months away!! ugh!!

yah..nagacompare mn pd ko. cguro the fact na dugay2 na nko nabasa ang TMI and bg.o lng nko na read ang Infernal was what made me see this as better. aw! haha! meaning mas nainlove jd diay ka kay Jace kysa kay Jem was a big factor of the comparing?? haha! kasabot ko!! ing-ana pd bya ko. kung asa ko mas nainlove sa isa ka certain guy, maapil nko og love ang whole story(book)! hahaha!!

Nikita haha.

aw! mali2. WILL diay akong pasabot! wahahaha! Jem man gud bah! He's always on my mind! LOL!

maybe i was just expecting more of the love story. murag g.emphasize man gud xa sa synopsis sa likod sa book. and i was really waiting for something to happen. wala man nagbloom ila love story sa book oi.. hehe.

Jean Pearl yah.. wla pd btaw. haha. pero mas ganahan nuon ko kay dli mn gd ko kaau ganahan anang dali ra kaau nadevelop og nainlove ang mga characters sa isa't isa.. haha. mas maau jd ng hinay2 sa. kanang makita sa jd nko ang process ba. haha!

message 9: by Aditya (new) - added it

Aditya Hadi thus, no connection at all with the previous Mortal's Instrument series ?? hee ... About loose threads, i think it's Cassandra's way :D

Jean Pearl it has connections... it's actually the first book of the prequel series of Mortal Instruments...

message 11: by Aditya (new) - added it

Aditya Hadi wew, prequel ?? i see ... have you read others cassandra's books ??

Jean Pearl Only the first three books of Mortal Instruments and Clockwork Angel...

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