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Furiously Happy by Jenny  Lawson
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did not like it

Audiobook: 30-day trial with audible/Amazon.

I had no intentions of 'reading' this book ( I didn't request it from Netgalley as an early read), but then I read several positive reviews. ( one said its a 'must' read for everyone).
Plus, friends told me 'memoirs' by the author themselves, are good audiobook choices.
So... what the heck: free trial read!

The very beginning was great... ( out walking), I was ready to enjoy some laughs,
wisdom, and inspiration...
I became exhausted, or bored with exaggerated stories.
Jenny's high pitch voice and sarcasm - both - were annoying.
The dialogue often felt forced ... or just plain silly.

I've had this audiobook - less than a week-I'll exchange it!!!

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message 1: by Cynthia (new) - added it

Cynthia Corral I do agree that, overall, memoirs read by their authors are generally pretty good. It doesn't apply to every memoir though! I do love Audible's exchange/refund policy.
I'm currently "reading" Alan Dershowitz's memoir, but it's read by his daughter. This makes no sense at all, it's a female voice telling a male's story - it's SO CONFUSING.

Elyse Walters Cynthia: That 'does' sound funny! Makes me laugh!

I'm going to exchange it for a 'fiction' book I want to listen to --'period'! lol (for the exchange)

message 3: by Jennifer (new) - added it

Jennifer Masterson Elyse, I kid you not. I bought this book from Barnes and Noble and found the book so annoying that I DNF'ed it and returned it! I would have given it 1 star, too! I still have it on my to read. I need to delete it.

message 4: by Iris P (new)

Iris P Audible get ready for one tough customer here!

message 5: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Sumi Way to go, Elyse! I picked up her first book and couldn't stand it. Audible is great about returning books - even if you finish them and aren't happy!

Elyse Walters Thanks ... To ALL OF YOU!!!

HOT DAMN!!! I'm glad to know Audible is generous about exchanges!!!
I just exchanged it for "The Hours Count, by Jullian Cantor.
My next question is....if I wanted to also buy the kindle ( so I could listen or read)...
Do we get a discount?

Maybe not during this 30 day trial ... ( but if I was a regular customer? )

As for this book... Where are those 5 stars co I got from? That's an awful lot of family members.

message 7: by Diane S ☔ (new)

Diane S ☔ I hated the cover, didn't look any further. Good thing, too.

message 8: by Sharyl (new)

Sharyl Hmm, thank you, Elyse, I was thinking of adding this one, but will think twice now !

message 9: by Jennifer (new) - added it

Jennifer Masterson Elyse wrote: "Thanks ... To ALL OF YOU!!!

HOT DAMN!!! I'm glad to know Audible is generous about exchanges!!!
I just exchanged it for "The Hours Count, by Jullian Cantor.
My next question is....if I wanted t..."

I get the feeling she appeals to a much younger crowd(maybe people in their 20's?) She has a big following but so do the Kardashian's! Lol

message 10: by Elyse (new) - rated it 1 star

Elyse Walters Jennifer, I think you're right. Truth is - under neath her sarcasm ... and sillies than aren't .,,
( and some things are funny that she says),
There is some honest truth.

Heck .. If this books helps even 1 person ..,then great.

My 1 star still stands .. but it's not with anger ..
( like the 1 star I gave for the book called "Nothing"...
It's just a 1 star for me -- and I'm guessing for as many of those high ratings ..... There would be as many low ones also...( but they won't show up as much because most of you knew not to read it in the first place), like Diane said.

Sharyl: If you 'really' want a small taste of this books... Wait until you're in a bookstore -- or Library, and read a little. That would be more than enough.

message 11: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne Bummer, but you've got so many others to read you'll forget it in a flash (I hope as it sounds awful, but maybe you won't forget her voice!!).

message 12: by Jennifer (new) - added it

Jennifer Masterson There are probably a lot of people like me that didn't DNF it and give it the 1 star, especially if there are a lot of young readers feeling like we did. The DNF and 1 star is extremely intimidating to a 20 something!

message 13: by Andrea (new)

Andrea I'm an Audible subscriber and I think the policy is that you can "return" two books per year. I've only ever returned a book once and I think I've been a subscriber for almost a year. They have good specials sometimes and I'm happy with the service overall. I started buying audiobooks to listen to while I walk for exercise and so far the books usually help motivate me to keep going.

message 14: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Sumi Elyse: I think as a subscriber you get a (pretty hefty) discount on the same Kindle book and use this thing called "Whispersynch" so you pick up where you left off on the other device if you switch. It happened after Amazon bought Audible. There's a great video demo on the audible site. Please tell me how you like it if you use it!

message 15: by Toni (new) - rated it 5 stars

Toni I'm reading the ebook and finding Jenny Lawson iincredibly courageous and funny. Maybe try her book then you can regulate the amount of her wonderful "crazy" in bits and pieces. Cheers all!

message 16: by Taryn (new)

Taryn I had similar issues with her first book and ended up abandoning it halfway through. I think her writing style and sense of humor is too overwhelming for me in novel form. I prefer her work in short bursts! I just listened to the audio sample and the narration is definitely a bit grating.

message 17: by Elyse (new) - rated it 1 star

Elyse Walters Toni and Taryn. .. You are both saying something similar. That in small bits... Jenny can be inspiring - and courageous.
I can get that.

Yeah... It was the ongoing & ongoing high speed chatter -- chapter after chapter - with little emotional variation or textural changes which bothered me. I didn't hear softness or authentic straight talk which I felt would have been a nice breathing break - at least with the audiobook -- before she dived into more sarcasm and silly metaphors and jokes.

Dorie  - Traveling Sister :) Being in the US I couldn't get this one, now I'm glad that I didn't. Remember reading very conflicting reviews about her first book. I have abandoned about 4 books so far this year, just couldn't stand them, then I just send a note to the publisher and don't review. There are so many others that I want to read, why waste our time with something we're not enjoying at all.

Dorie  - Traveling Sister :) Elyse wrote: "Thanks ... To ALL OF YOU!!!

HOT DAMN!!! I'm glad to know Audible is generous about exchanges!!!
I just exchanged it for "The Hours Count, by Jullian Cantor.
My next question is....if I wanted t..."

I used to belong to Audible and you can return up to four books a year according to the written rules, however, when I talked to them they said they would return any I didn't like, so I DID! Our library system is so awesome, I get any audiobooks I want for free, sometimes I have to wait a while on the new ones but that's o.k.

message 20: by Elyse (new) - rated it 1 star

Elyse Walters Thanks Dorie, I'm almost done listening to Visible City .. A fiction audio book I got from the library .., but I didn't have many choices to pick from the list of 'available now'. But we have other libraries in the area that I could check into. Thanks for the tip .. I'm still experimenting.

I just finished THE BEST BOOK..,
Omg... Soooo GOOD!

Mark it now ..( about to go for a walk and listen to an audiobook so I'm not going to write a review yet : but the book that I speak is called: " Brautiful Possible" by Amy Gottlieb ... It comes out in Jan. It's an absolute favorite!!!! I promise you'll LOVE IT!!!

message 21: by Elyse (new) - rated it 1 star

Elyse Walters Beautiful Oops.

message 22: by Snotchocheez (new)

Snotchocheez I thought that you were hard-wired to be unable to rate a book less than three stars, Elyse! This must've sucked bad.

message 23: by ❀Julie (new)

❀Julie That's so great that Audible lets you exchange it. Those are not cheap! I couldn't get past the cover either.

message 24: by Elyse (new) - rated it 1 star

Elyse Walters Hi Cheeze :)
1 stars are rare from me. I can think of 2 others:
1) Nothing.. (just AWFUL..could have been ZERO stars)
2) Forget the exact name ... but it was another "comic" book with a jelly Bear on the cover. I thought it was going to be about funny things like ... eat real sugar when eating jelly beans - why bother with sugar-free...
But it was something very different ... lots of manipulation. Not my thing.

This was was painful to complete - but walking was ... walking... So I included it.

Kelly (and the Book Boar) Snotchocheez wrote: "I thought that you were hard-wired to be unable to rate a book less than three stars, Elyse! This must've sucked bad."

LOLOL! I did too. I enjoyed "Low Rating Elyse" and am so glad someone else didn't fall all over this book. I'm fairly certain I'm Jenny's target demographic (I'm nuts, I've read her blog forever - even when she wrote a "mommy blog" for the newspaper - and I collect weird dead crap). This one just DID. NOT. WORK. for me, though. And I hate to be horrible because no one can choose their voice, but for some reason hers really grates on my nerves too. I couldn't imagine attempting the audio version.

message 26: by Carol (new)

Carol I just don't think I'd like this either Elyse. Thanks for confirming.

message 27: by Elyse (new) - rated it 1 star

Elyse Walters yeah...one book 'not' for the over-flowing book list! lol

message 28: by Lynne (new)

Lynne I'm currently listening to The Story Sisters and the reader is outstanding! You would enjoy the story, too.

message 29: by Elyse (new) - rated it 1 star

Elyse Walters ok...I'll make an audiobook note! Thank you Lynn!!!

message 30: by Dana (new) - rated it 2 stars

Dana I had no idea you could exchange audiobooks on Audible. I bought this and almost immediately regretted it. This really made my day that I could get rid of it. Thanks!

message 31: by Cynthia (new) - added it

Cynthia Corral Dana wrote: "I had no idea you could exchange audiobooks on Audible. I bought this and almost immediately regretted it. This really made my day that I could get rid of it. Thanks!"

They let you return any book you don't like within 6 months of receiving it. They'll credit you either your money or the credits you used. I've done it a couple times.

message 32: by Elyse (new) - rated it 1 star

Elyse Walters yes, its a great service!

message 33: by Roxy (new)

Roxy Why are you writing a review on an audiobook in the comments section for the hardcover? Read the book first before you give it a 1 star rating.

message 34: by Elyse (new) - rated it 1 star

Elyse Walters Hi Roxy: It seems to me --I made it 'very' clear I wrote this review on the audiobook.

The first sentence I wrote says 'audiobook'.

I've never seen a separate section for reviewing 'ONLY' audiobooks...

and I have MANY friends who write reviews this way --
'NOTING' audiobook!

Otherwise --all other books could be either an ebook or a paper book or a hard cover ....

Are you angry at me for something else?

I'm guessing you liked the 'book' very much? If yes...I respect that!

Nancyann Hi Elyse. I'm reading the book and still agree with you. I'm half way through and will finish it but I don't get the five star reviews.

message 36: by Elyse (new) - rated it 1 star

Elyse Walters Hi Nancyann. It's sure a mix ... I'm in your camp.., but many love it as TONS! I've had people make sure I knew it too! lol

Nancyann Hi again Elyse. I finished the book today. What a mish-mosh, but maybe this is what blogging is all about? There were fleeting moments of comic brilliance but most of it (for me) was uninteresting rambling.

message 38: by Elyse (new) - rated it 1 star

Elyse Walters Hi again 'back'.., :)....NancyAnn. Perfectly said!!
I tried to see if you wrote a review.., and couldn't find yours here from my iPhone. Hm??

message 39: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Walkup I so agree with you. I was looking forward to reading this book, but just couldn't get into it. I felt it was all one sentence with no periods.

message 40: by Elyse (new) - rated it 1 star

Elyse Walters Thanks for poppin in and sharing Jeff!

and..., Happy holidays to you.

message 41: by Jill (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jill I completely agree with your review. I am almost through it and although there are truly wonderful moments in the book, I feel like she's that really annoying, always exaggerating friend that you just tune out after a while.

message 42: by Elyse (new) - rated it 1 star

Elyse Walters Kelly: how did I miss your FUN post... lol. Thanks... and for expressing!!

And....Jill... yep... High five to you from me! Feel the same.

Oh... But have you by chance heard the audible Modern Romance? Now... That one was good!
Plus, my husband and watched his TV show on Netflix. Called
Masters on None -- it's 10 episodes ... Free to download -- absolutely hilarious ... And often very truthful.

Holiday hugs you lovely people ... I must return to SUCH a good book... Sooooooo good I'm dying it's soooo good.
I'll share later : hint: it's by Curtis Sittenfeld - won't be out until next May. I still have a lot more to read - it's 500 pages and my husband wants to go to the movies today! :)

Denise I liked this one, but agree that the Audible version would have to be in chunks. She does speak/read very fast and it feels a bit chaotic (which is probably intentional... but hard to listen to for long periods of time.)

message 44: by Elyse (new) - rated it 1 star

Elyse Walters Denise.....I can see where 'reading' it might have been a very different experience. Thanks for sharing! :)

message 45: by Jan (new)

Jan Rice I'm on Audible Lite now, $10 per year and I get to take advantage of sales etc. Prior to retirement I had a year's membership but built up a queue similar to my stacks of hard copies, so I really didn't need another year's subscription even then...

Exception to the memoir-read-by-author problem is Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Miracle, which was laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Charlotte Jones You should download the Overdrive app. It lets you link your library card or facebook and get thousands of books and audio-books for free as a 14 day borrow basis just like your library does.

message 47: by Jan (new)

Jan Rice I think the way to get Overdrive is through your library; they will help. Mine does 3-week loans for Overdrive as for regular books.

Charlotte Jones Yeah I found out on my Library website too. 3 weeks would be perfect! I wonder if the books available depend on your library too which makes me want to travel to multiple libraries strictly for their online accounts.

message 49: by Jan (new)

Jan Rice Oh, yes, that would be nice--but mine makes you prove you're a resident. :/

Ellen Deasy Thank you for your comment. I completely agree with your irritation with the author.

I actually appreciated the author. She provided a very accurate view of how a person who is bi-polar sounds, acts and thinks.

It was hard for me to read because while I appreciate the author for accepting her reality and the reality of mental illness, I felt she ignores the reality of those around her that learn the emotional damage she has done and will continue to do to those around her. While I accept that this is because of her mental illness, it is very difficult to accept when on the receiving end of a bipolar "episode".

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