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HellFire by Kate Douglas
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Dec 02, 2010

really liked it
Read in September, 2010

Day by day the demons are getting stronger. No longer are they restricted to inanimate objects, they are now able to take over animals. Dax, Eddy and Alton knew they were in trouble when store mannequins started walking but they never expected what they would face next.

Alton is obsessed with Eddy’s best friend Ginny and can’t get her off his mind. He sent her to Sedona to get her away from the battle but to his surprise, he had sent her straight into the heart of it. Ginny Jones can’t remember why she decided to visit her family in Sedona, one she has little contact with, but she finds herself in the middle of the twilight zone.

Alton is beside himself when he realizes that Ginny is in danger because of him. He is drawn to her like no other. He can’t stop thinking about the kiss he gave her to erase her memory. He doesn’t want to admit it but it meant more to him than it should have. He is adapting to Earth but he misses his home in Lemuria and his best friend Taron. He has been exiled but he can’t think about that right now. If they don’t stop the demons and the demon king, the world and all dimensions will change forever.

Ginny can’t stop thinking about Eddy’s college friend. She’s only met him once but she is instantly drawn to him. She doesn’t understand everything that is going on around her and she is having a hard time letting go of the cage around her heart. She is an independent woman that makes her own decisions and provides for herself. She is determined not to fall in love but if she did, Alton would be the perfect man for her. He is caring, doesn’t try to stop her from joining the fight and wants him to stand beside him, not behind him.

When Alton and Ginny go to Lemuria, they are both in for a few shocks. Ginny finds out some things about her true heritage and she is granted a crystal sword of her own to help in the battle, Dark Fire. Alton is arrested and is brought before the Council of Nine but the outcome is not what was expected. They are on their own to save the world, With the help of Dax, Eddy and Bumperwillow they set out to defeat the demon king.

It’s interesting to see what Demons are going to do next because they are getting smarter every day. I love that you can only see the demons true form in the light of Ginny’s sword, Demon Fire. The missing warrior women of Lemuria added a nice twist and I can’t wait to see the story behind it. The Council of Nine can’t continue to hide their head in the sand and act like nothing is changing when in truth everything around them is changing.

The story is well paced and provides you with tidbits about Lemuria and Lemurian society along the way. You are not overpowered with it and it doesn’t take away from the current battle on Earth. The tidbits give you insight to who Alton is and where he came from. They help you to understand his character and what he is going through himself. Both Alton and Ginny have issues and they almost let those issues keep them apart. They realize that they are better together than apart and that each day is precious and you have to live life as if each day could be your last.

The final battle is exciting and well written. I enjoyed it a lot. I was pulling for them and worried when things started getting out of hand but in the end Ginny came through with the help of Demon Fire and Hellfire. Overall I enjoyed Hellfire and give it 4 flaming hearts.

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