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Evernight by Claudia Gray
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Dec 02, 2010

really liked it
Recommended to Sarah by: Emily
Read from November 30 to December 14, 2010

well, i liked it more than i thought i would, it was kind of boring at first, but i got into it after i found out she was a vampire. i had heaps of questions for my sister who has read it already. i was confused that there were vampires who are hundreds of years old, acting like teenagers in a school with humans. it made no sense to me. obviously as it went on, it went to explain (well, sort of) why the humans were there.... and why and how the vampires went to see their parents on holidays? they would have no parents! then OMG found out lucas is a vampire hunter?! did NOT see that one coming! that made it heappppps more interesting. i wanted to keep going after that. i guess the only difference is with this and my other vampire books is... i dunno, i can't really get into the main character. i'm sure she'll grow on me as i read the next books but at the moment, i dunno. maybe i'm still in my book moruning of vampire academy lol. she's not rose :( but anyway, proud of myself for finishing it right after VA6. :)
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Quotes Sarah Liked

Claudia Gray
“Vic nudged my elbow with his. "You and me are still friends, right? You guys get a joint custody in the divorce. Generous visitations rights."

"Divorce?" Despite myself, I laughed. Only Vic could call the aftermath of a bad first date a divorce. We hadn't exactly been friends beforehand, so "still" was an exaggeration, but it would've been mean to point that out. Besides, I liked Vic. "We're still friends."

"Excellent. The weirdos have to stick together around here."

"Are you calling me a weirdo?"

"Highest honor I can bestow.”
Claudia Gray, Evernight

Claudia Gray
“Hear me out. Would you eat a hamburger if there was any chance it could punch you in the face?
- How is a hamburger supposed to punch me in the face?
Just say that it can. Would you bother? Or would you eat something else?”
Claudia Gray, Evernight

Reading Progress

12/02/2010 page 26
12/06/2010 page 155
47.0% "WTF?? weird... this is seriously strange... why the F would they let humans into a frickin' vampire academy??? and why didn't she know she was a vampire? and i thought lucas was a vampire?! how could the author not have mentioned any of that. confusing much. i dunno it seems weird to me... but still interesting."
12/07/2010 page 197
60.0% "liking it so far. just going on a hiatus only because last sacrifice (VA6) is out today which i will start tonight and only because it's my favourite of all time. but i did read more of this today and liked it, had a lot of questions for emily when i got home hhaaha. can't wait to pick it up again, or maybe i'll just read both like emily does. i might do that. seems good."

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Emily Nooooooo! Keep reading!!!

Emily Haha read both!

Emily Woohooo!

Sarah Hall lol i didn't even see these. yeah yeah i kept going... finished it this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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