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The Devil You Know by Trish Doller
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it was ok

Another 2015 book reviewed (only half finished by the way--what's up with that) posted in 2019.

Definitely not a bad book, but one of those small town thrillers is more like it. You could blame the fact that I didn’t connect with it on the fact that I hate road trip books. Detest them, personal reasons—things like hygiene, the reception, the I want to escape my small town vibe that I, more often than not, get.

Which isn’t a bad thing. The escape my town trope that is. I get it, sometimes things are so constricting and you just want to let go, drive down the road and forget yo troubles. Tres aesthetic. I just don’t think it’s the best decision to make.

Like as much as I wanted to dislike the protagonist for weak self-preservation radar, I couldn’t hate her personality. Because she’s got a great soul and mindset. What you need to know about this book is it’s very empowering for females. Which I’ll admit, I didn’t expect but gladly welcomed. There’s a lot said about respecting a female’s choice, none of that slut shaming, a lot of love for the self. And I can respect and admire that. I want to see that type of attitude in my books. I don’t want to be told submissive details.

But that being said, the girl is so so so so so so so so so so so stupid. Like fucking hell. I wanted to die in her place or something because fucking hell don’t let this trash bag continue. Want to escape your town? Don’t go with two people you don’t know just because they’re hot and mysterious and they beg you to come. Like um if someone I didn’t know begged me to go road tripping with them, the first thing I’d equate that to is um do you want to kill me. Like she doesn’t know them. Fucking live on the edge much. And ok you can berate me for being a uptight about that so ok, say she does go, CAN THE GIRL JUST GET SUSPICIOUS FOR ONCE IN HER LIFE??? Like these violent crimes and differences happen and she’s just like “o that’s worrying”. Not “mmm that hasn’t really happened round these neck of the woods, what’s new??? O YEAH MY COMPANIONS LET ME GRAB MY SHIT AND RUN”. Like fucking hell, she deserved to die LOL

Lastly plot was weak as motherfuck. Like weak. I know where doing thriller here but man I was not thrilled in the slightest. Plot points are cliche, literary devices are weak, conventional. You can guess the whole bloody thing. Plot came second, only thing is, I can’t even pinpoint what came first??? LIKE LOL WAS A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE MEANT TO BE HER BILDUNGSROMAN COUNTERPOINT??? Like the physic said (yes there was a psychic). Like the “thrill” only happens at 60% onwards and that’s just the beginning brewing stages. And when it climaxes you’re left thinking??? WTF that’s your “reasoning”?? Like it’s so fucking stupid. We can be a little more layered as characters right???

The setting was very atypical of the small town girl cut off from “civilisation” vibe. There’s a culture. There’s the town creek thing. Parties in the woods (do you guys do that?? I’m so worried for your safety LOL). You know the drill. Not a big fan, but (And then I never finished the review and I wrote this in 2015 so I can’t remember what this book was about but I wouldn’t read it now if I’d just read this review lmao)

---original 2015---
Props for standing up for equality. Thumbs down for absolute lack of common sense.
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