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The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell
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A beautiful, rich, Victorian era story that is both haunting and romantic. The Vespertine reads like a classic and has a voice that stays with you long after you read it.

Set in the 1800's in both Baltimore & Maine, The Vespertine quickly made me feel like I was apart of this world. With Saundra's rich, vivid writing I was able to see the world through adventurous Amelia's eyes. Amelia is a character I really enjoyed getting to know. Upon arriving in Baltimore for the purpose of finding a husband, she falls for someone she shouldn't. Which of course makes me like her that much more, as her spunk, and fierce independence are what drew me to her character. Amelia and her cousin Zora become well known upon society for Amelia's gift to see the future. Having visions isn't always a gift, as not all of them are pleasant, nor are they always what Amelia thinks she's seeing.

To match Amelia's character is an equally lovable character who you could deem as swoon worthy with an air of mystery about him. Believe me, Nathaniel Witherspoon will have you swept off your feet in no time and you'll find him just as charming as Amelia does. With Nathaniel there is no second guessing what he's feeling or thinking, as he's very straightforward, something rarely seen during this time period. Maybe it's that streak of defiance, or that you get what you see with him that I admire the most. Both Amelia and Nathaniel stand out as they know their place in society, but they push that envelope, so to speak. I adored the respect he shows to Amelia.There's just something about Nathaniel that I was drawn to and all I can say is you need to read the book so you can meet him for yourself.

There are other great characters that make The Vespertine a highly recommended story, but it's Saundra writing that really captured my attention. She has a talent for detail, no matter how great or small it is and she really brings her story to life. It wasn't hard for me to envision the settings or picture the characters in my mind. Her romance is beautifully written, the lines between Nathaniel and Amelia are brilliant and her plot twists make you wish you could read the pages faster to find out what will happen next.

The Vespertine is a breath taking, intriguing read that will make you feel that you're apart of 1800's Victorian Era. It's forbidden romance, mystery and paranormal elements will leave you both satisfied and wanting more when you're done.
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