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Candor by Pam Bachorz
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CANDOR is a brilliantly written book about mind control and living in what appears to be a "perfect" town, where no one does anything wrong and everyone wants to live there. There's no such thing as a bad child, marriages are perfect, homes are perfect, and everything about the town is perfect. People come to CANDOR to have their bad, wild children fixed into khaki wearing, polo shirts tucked into your khakis, no make up, home work loving children.

For Campbell Banks, controlling the minds of those that move into his town is a secret no one knows about, but his son Oscar. No one realizes that they're being brain washed through the messages Campbell sends them through the music that is constantly playing around the town, in the schools and at their homes.

Oscar, who's the perfect model son and citizen has a secret that no one, not even his father knows about. Only those who have a lot of money know, and they're no longer living in the city. Oscar is their key for escape.

Oscar acted his part in his boring perfect city of Candor. He did his homework, obeyed his father, but all that changes when Nia comes to town. Now, she makes him want to change and he wants to save her from what she'll become. Oscar must risk it all, even himself if he wants to save Nia.

I really liked this book and the story line. I can see where Campbell would think that it would be the perfect town, but he's such a evil guy, not in commits murder, but in how controlling and in what he does. In a way he does murder who these individuals are. He kills them mentally and rebuilds them to do whatever you tells them, and that's done through his music.

Oscar-I totally loved his character. He's the typical teen age boy. He plays up his part, though hating everything his father created.
Nia and Oscar's moments together and so sweet. The last 60 pages or so will have you turning the pages faster and faster to see what happens in the end.

I'm going to say it, we need a sequel and a movie for this!!

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