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Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things by Ted Naifeh
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Nov 30, 2010

liked it

Plot Summary
This book is about a girl who had to move to her uncle's mansion and she thought her uncle was creepy. At school she was teased and talked about. She was bullied by a group of kids who beat her up and took her allowance. Then she meets a boy at school who is nice to her. But when they were walking through the woods, he was attacked and eaten by a werewolf. She gets away, but then discovers a whole new world of creatures that she never knew existed, and found out that her uncle was more than he seemed.

Plot High Point
At one exciting point in the story, Courtney follows a changeling into a different world of creatures to find a baby that was stolen. She was captured by the creatures who sell her at auction. A mysterious person bids high for her and wins. This was pretty exciting.

Personal Opinion
I liked it a lot, except the bad words were disturbing. I liked the part where there was a doppelganger and it said that it was better at being Courtney than Courtney was. But Courtney told it that it was terrible. I didn't like the part where the boy came to her house and tried to make her like him (he was under a spell). I liked that it was manga.

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