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Runaway by Meg Cabot
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Nov 29, 2010

it was amazing

Being stuck in the body of a supermodel might sound like a dream come true for some girls, but for Emerson Watts, it's turning into a complete nightmare...

I was so hooked on this series that I finished book two, put it back on my shelf, and picked up book three. And kept reading. I didn't even bother changing my status on Goodreads. THAT'S how much I was in love with the story and HAD to keep reading. Oh my god.

I have to buy book one now. In hardcover. And then hunt down Meg Cabot and have her sign it and maybe beg her to bestow upon me some of her brilliance.


I was (and still am actually) in a state of complete depression because this series is over. I LOVED it. Except I'm also ridiculously happy and on cloud nine and squealing every so often. Because it was just so perfect. And it was so funny. And the characters were SO wonderful! I cared about every single one! I can't believe I won't be reading about them anymore!! :(

This constant back-and-forth of being insanely happy and insanely depressed is pretty exhausting. But this is a MUST-READ for everybody. The book has adventure, romance, a tonnnnn of comedy, and a fantastic conclusion that'll send you over the moon. What's most important of all is the message it sends. I loved it. And it was all wrapped up in the most awesome story.

Oh god, I'm getting depressed again. BUT IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! One of my top ten favorite books of all time (well, series I guess, since I loved them all). And it's not the only Meg Cabot book to make that list. ;)

Go and read it. GO. NOW.

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message 1: by W (new) - added it

W Myra. *sigh* You know I'm not going to have time to read all these books before the world ends. Why do you have to do this????

*adds to to-read list and stares at the list: it is soooo long* =P

Myra Sullivan I know. I'm sorry. But before ANYTHING ELSE, read this series!!! I'm TELLING YOU!!

Christine Marie Read my review of it. I said the exact same things. I loved all the characters and was actually sad when the series ended (which I never am).

message 4: by Ann (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ann This is absolutely in my TOP FIVE next to the hunger games, Harry potter, heist society and Gallagher girls. Loved this book!!! It was everything I expected and more. Great ending and the characters Chang suddenly. You find out that the real Nikki is not such a bi*ch


Sukayna I kinda got depressed too that the series ended but it was AMAZING.

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