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Bite Me by Christopher Moore
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Nov 29, 2010

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I love Christopher Moore, and I do think that it's time for him to reap some serious moolah from the current vampire craze, since he wrote the first book in this series in 1995. Bite Me: A Love Story brings back the casts of Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story and You Suck: A Love Story, as well as a pack of vampire kitties.

Mostly narrated by Abigail Von Normal, "Emergency Back-Up Mistress of the Greater Bay Area Night," the book is great fun to read, and made me LOL repeatedly. Capturing both the drama and the humor of a teenage goth girl's journal, Moore describes another series of hilarious adventures pitting good vampires against bad.

The careful research and literary and historical references of Fool and Lamb are absent (thank goodness, since Anne Rice got that series of vampire novels out of the way a few years back now). Actually, that's probably not true - Moore has to have spent an inordinate amount of time on myspace to have captured the elegant inanity of the voice of Abby in such a perfect way.

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