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Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles
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Nov 29, 2010

liked it

I’m not 100% sure why I didn’t like this one as much. It’s not really that much different. It just didn’t have the same intensity as the two previous books. It wasn’t bad or anything, it just didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Now that all the Fuentes brothers have found their loves, I can safely say that Alex and Brittany were my favorite. Carlos and Kiara make a close second, but Nikki and Luis are definitely third. I just feltl like something was missing.

As much as I love the Fuentes brothers, it’s a little redundant for them all to have the same experience. They’re all forced into gangs and threatened and every one of them makes the same mistake. They think no one can help them. They think it’s their duty to protect their family and there’s no other way to do it. It just seems strange to me that Luis would watch his brothers go through this and then make the exact same mistakes. It’s sort of a digrace to all youngest siblings (trust me, I know).

If there was one thing that pulled this one out of the gutter it was meandering into, it was the huge plot twist toward the end of the book. I mean, where the hell did that come? It was awesome. It got me a little more pumped about the book.

I just love listening to Blas Kisic talk. I could listen to that man talk all day. It’s a shame Roxanne Hernandez doesn’t match him. I sort of like her guy voices, but I hate her girl voices. She just never sounded like Brittany or Kiara or Nikki to me. Her voice was sort of annoying and I usually didn’t like her delivery. It never quite felt sincere.

All in all, I was a little disappointed. It was good, just not good enough. It didn’t live up to the previous books.

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