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The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone
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My summary:

- Multiply your goal by 10x. (Humans have a tendency to set too low goals)
- Multiply planned time by 10x. (Tendency to think it will work out faster than it will)
- Multiply your effort by 10x. (Tendency to think its easier than it is)
- Commit first, figure out the details later. (Tendency to overanalyze and become over competent before committing)
- If you continue having the same problems, you're not moving fast enough, if you come across new problems, thats good.
- Approach every situation like you have to succeed because your life depends on it. Take appropriate, consistent and persistent action, and over time, you must succeed.
- “People optimistically overestimate how well things will go and then underestimate how much energy and effort it will take just to push things through.” You will always face obstacles that you never dreamed of when working on achieving your goals.
- Expand and get aggressive when the economy is contracting. Do the opposite of what other people are doing.
- Take responsibility for your life: Everything that occurs in your life, good or bad, is your responsibility, even if outside forces are at play. If something negative happens to you, even if you did not have control over it, ask yourself, “If this situation arises again, what can I do to reduce its negative impact?” (If someone crashed into your car from behind, its out of your control? No. You could've taken off 1 minute ago, 1 minute later, any other minute than the one you picked would've saved you from crash. You could've timed it so there wasn't any traffic etc.. So the crash was actually your fault.)
- Do what others should but are not willing to do to create an unfair advantage. Most people are not willing to amplify their efforts by 10x. This means that you take immediate, consistent and persistent action at a level that no other person is willing to take or duplicate. This allows you to rise to the top.
- The saying “under commit and over deliver” is stupid. Instead, over commit and figure out how to show up at a higher level.
- Most people never get close to being overexposed. Nearly everyone is hindered by obscurity.
- When people and businesses cut spending and focus on saving, they almost always save their energy, effort, and creativity as well. The mindset of dialing down spending naturally dials down activity in other areas.
- Fear is a signal to do what you fear right now. Do not feed fear by waiting and letting it build.
- Create an exit survey for non-buyers.
- Be omnipresent. Be everywhere.

- Never settle for average. Aim to dominate your area. Competition is for losers.
- Never reduce a target. Instead increase actions.
- Success shouldn't be an option in life. It's your responsibility. Firstly to yourself and those dependent on you (family, partners, close friends); then to all people because ultimately it is a positive contribution to humanity.
- Always show up. The goal is to be seen, thought of and considered. Your problem is obscurity, not talent. It's always better to be known somehow.
- Don't allow emotions take over by letting them linger for too long. Anxiety will surely become more and more destructive as time passes so deal with incidents that make you anxious as quickly as possible.
- Signs you are on the right track: people start criticizing you for being different and obsessed with your cause, and new problems arise. 
- Customer satisfaction is not nearly as big of a problem as “non-customer satisfaction.” People not knowing you exist and not buying your product is the real issue.

How to keep up with your goals:

1. Do not reduce your goals as you write them.
2. Do not get lost in the details of how to accomplish them at this point.
3. Ask yourself, "What actions can I take today to move me toward these goals?"
4. Take whatever actions you come up with-regardless of what they are or how you feel.
5. Do not prematurely value the outcome of your actions.
6. Go back each day and review the list.

Heres the 32 traits you should aim for: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...
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