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Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
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if there's one book you can crush on - Anna and the French Kiss would be it.

It's completely charming and utterly fun.

It's hilarious, smashingly brilliant dialogue, grin worthy moments and laugh-out loud goodness.

Characters that are flawed, 3 dimensional, that you want to hang out with. A rich cast surrounds the main characters, all uniquely drawn and portrayed. I love these guys.

A setting that you feel immersed in. Scenes that you want to be in.

Alongside the fun and the charm and the swoon-worthy goodness, there's depth and sorrow and a richness that makes your heart swell and ache and hope for the characters. There's some tear jerking moments in there.

There's moments where you hold your breath and hope hope hope the story is going where you want it to.
The plot feels organic and true.

The romance will have you swooning and crushing hard without cringing :)

It's ridiculously unputdownable and crazily good in general

A closer look at two main characters who I absolutely LOVE:

Anna Oliphant: She's whimsical and slightly OCD. She's dynamic and confident but also unsure. She's fun to hang out with, brave yet scared. She sometimes makes a mess of things despite her best intentions. I ADORED her from the first chapter. No doubt she will soar to the top of 'favourite female characters' lists :)

Etienne St Clair: What a guy, hey. SWOON. He's beautiful and not at all perfect. Charming and sometimes elusive. He's funny and clever and stuffs things up. A lot. He's genuine and dynamic and lights up the pages of any scene he's in. He is a literary crush that will knock all your other crushes off the top of your list.

If I was to compare this book to another, I can't think of what to pair it with. It's a unique blend: not quite as literary as Melina Marchetta (though just as funny and real and ache-y), it's more dynamically paced than Sarah Dessen (and just as lingering and true) and it's not as quirky as Jaclyn Moriarty (but is whimsical and has that friends you want to hang out with thing down-pat). It's pretty much the perfect blend of YA goodness.
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Good Golly Miss Holly looks so good!

Nomes it was soooooo good. i dont even know where to begin my review.

Jessica Cool! I'm so looking forward to read this!

Nomes I was going to read it with the group - but read the first chapter and somehow ended up reading the whole thing. I am a shocker! sorrysorry... :)

Jessica Hehe, don’t worry Nomes! :)
I’m really intrigued now...hopefully I’ll get my copy soon!

message 6: by Nic (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nic I wish my copy was here now. Can't wait for your review :)

Nomes I don't know what to say. it was everything I love about contemporary. i already can't wait to re-read it. One of my favourite reads of the year! so so good. Penguin said i can put my review up anytime in december...

Cass -  Words on Paper My review is scheduled for the 15th (our time 12 pm, which is 5 pm for Blogger). Also one of my favourites. Just a warning, mine is really long. :X Don't think it's crazy long yet, like 1000+ words.

I threw this at the top of my TBR the moment I received it in the mail. :) Stayed up until 2 am last night. I would NOT go to sleep without having finished it.

Alexa Really excited to read this one. :3

~Tina~ I hope I can get this book to start it for our book month read, but I'm not sure if it'll come in:( ~pout~

message 11: by Jade (new) - added it

Jade Soooo jealous. I'm desperate for my copy to arrive.

ALPHAreader Oh my God! I finished this last night. I started reading at about 8PM (thinking I'd have a quick squiz) and ended up reading through to midnight... could not put it down! I loved Etienne, I want Anna to be my BFF and it made me wish I was still in High School (and American) so I could attend the boarding school!

Loved it!

Cass -  Words on Paper @ALPHAreader: So, so glad you loved it too! Can't wait for your review, since I know you're going to go really in-depth with it. :)

@Jade: The wait is worth it, as it is so clearly evidenced in the 5 star after 5 star reviews.

I've only read one bad review so far: Enna's (Squeaky Books), because she didn't like the language.

After reading THE DUFF, I've been okay with that stuff. :P

Nomes haha - i didn't even notice the language. really, even thinking about it i can't think of any (?) an occasional F bomb? who knows.

It's such a brilliant read. everything i love about contemporary. sigh. i. just. loved. it.

@ Alpha reader - I agree 100%. Mate, what a book, hey. absolute favourite.

Cass -  Words on Paper I remember two outbursts, one in the middle, and another near the end.

Did it make you swoon? XD Just thinking about Anna makes me happy...

Jessica Haha, she is not called Oliphant! *snickers*

Loved the review, Nomes. I am so much looking forward to read this. I really can't wait!

Janelle Sounds great, its on my TBR list :)

Misha  Mathew I am not usually enthusiastic about Roamances. But your reviews makes me want to read the book so bad!

Nomes Oh, Misha - it's more than just a romance - it's a whole year living in Paris and hanging out... I think you'd have a lot of fun reading this one. it's really one the best ones I've read in the genre :)

Misha  Mathew Wow!I think you are the only one who was able to convince me to read the book.For some reason, I kept on thinking this will be a mushy romance.
My Christmas to-buy list is expanding at a crazy rate!

Nomes *slightly spoilery*

I kept wondering when I was reading it why it had the word kiss in the title. there is hardly even a kiss in the whole book. must just be a funky sounding title :)

My Christmas list is pretty huge as well!

Alexa Ah! Seriously can't wait. Awesome review! :)

Cass -  Words on Paper Well, "the" kiss is, to me, like a turning point in the novel. In it is the complications, you know, other than *ahem*. I think Stephanie just wanted to be . . . sneaky. ;) Trying to fool the masses, ay?

Yeah. ANNA has so much more than romance. It's more to do with finding yourself in a new world, and FRIENDSHIP, and HOME and FAMILY, and being able to form bond and create connections through adversity and strife. Okay, I'm going to sleep. @_@

Stefanie Great review!! I'm eager to read this one now!

Connie Another reason I wanted to be your friend! If only America was cool enough to buy foreign editions we could have more books in common.

Nomes haha, Connie: we are 86% compatible (!) which is one of my highest compatibilities *hi five*

(I am 93% with someone else on here!)

and, yeah, half my books on here are the Australian ones :D

x Nomes

Kristy Great Pick NOmes... I feel like I owe you something, perhaps some bread pudding?!?!?! lol

Oh and we have 83% in common, just so you know ;)

Milly I'm glad you really liked this one. I must be the only one among the Bookers who gave it a 3. :(

message 29: by Nomes (last edited Jun 18, 2011 04:56AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nomes @ Kristy ~ 83% is awesome! we must have good taste in books or something ;)

@ Milly :( maybe it was just so hyped up it was hard to love? I gave my copy away to my sister thinking she'd love it but she didn't. she said 'it was okay' also ~

i know that weird feeling of being the one on the outside ~ i pretty much feel like i am the only person who didn't love DIVERGENT. i very nearly didn;t even finish it and it was a real hard slog for me to get through it (in all honesty i should have gone with '2 stars - it was okay with my divergent rating but i felt too slack or something :/) all the other bookers loved DIVERGENT ...

Milly Nomes wrote: "@ Kristy ~ 83% is awesome! we must have good taste in books or something ;)

@ Milly :( maybe it was just so hyped up it was hard to love? I gave my copy away to my sister thinking she'd love it bu..."

I totally get what you're saying. I didn't love Anna and the French Kiss but I loved Divergent. I didn't love Maze Runner nor cared so much for the Iron Fey when most of the Booker friends did. :)

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