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The Magicians and Mrs. Quent by Galen Beckett
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Nov 28, 2010

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Read from December 27 to 30, 2010

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I had a bit of trouble getting into the story - it is a long book, with unfamiliar markings of the day - lumenals and umbrals - with differing lengths of daylight and dark... and though it promises magicians, it takes a long time to get to the magicians...

studious Ivy, comtemplative Rose, & meloncholy Lily; sisters, whose father weilded magic, but lost his mind and his magic the past half dozen years, of gentry bloodline, but not gentry income, living in a house not their own with a bit of a scatterbrained mother...

Edlyn Garritt - abused by his gentry father, who gambled and drank their money away, trying to make his way back so as to present his beloved sister to the gentry, whose mother weilded magic (according to his father), and though Edlyn knows he can hide in the shadows, he does not understand that he actually pulls the shadows around himself and has his own magic...

Dashton Rafferdy, son of a rich nobleman who sits in a senate, who wants only to do as little as possible - yet he is a deep thinking and feeling man... and unbeknownst to himself, he is descendent of a the seven original magicians of the land, and has the potential to be a great magician.

Living in a time that mimics Victorian England, with a history of land of enchantment, and magical saviors... currently under a king with an assembly to guide him, and much discord in the land, with rebels ruthlessly dealt with - who is right? Miss Ivy & someday Lord Rafferdy seem to be on the kings side...

An interesting relationship develops between Rafferdy & Ivy - they are both intelligent, and witty, and there is an attraction - but he disappears on the command of his father because she is below his station - and she endevors to be happy for him on his upcoming marrigage, and when he finds her happily married, he returns the same... and they do become close friends... very rarely do we find friends of male and females in books, and without romance, and yet they seem to be the real macoy...

When Ivy's mother passes, Ivy takes a position with Mr. Quent, who had custodial care of two children, and yet he is rarely home... Mr. Quent lives in the country, he is an investigator of magic, of the Wyrwood/land magic, that is being abused by the rebels. and in his dark home, Ivy finds herself - she is of a family of Wyrwood magic, and can speak with and control them... and she must do so to protect the children., and later herself. She finds out she was orphaned when the local Wyrwood tree was attacked and attacked back, and Mr. Quent sent her to adopted by the Lockwells, and she falls in love with and marries Mr. Quent, providing him support to do his job.

and her father has left an artifact in their old home on Darrow Street - one that is a gateway for demons to enter, and one that the rebels and bad magicians want to free and which seemed to play a part in her father's dementia... the protection spell of her fathers is wearing off, and he left a riddle for her to solve so as to reinforce the protection...

Edlyn Garritt (future romantic interest of one of the sisters? or is he gay? hmmm) finds himself with the Slyth, those who manipulate elemental magic, under one's protection and tutelage... ito protect himself and his sister from a highwayman/rebel who has maniputled Garritt to use his shadow hiding to be a messenger... and with his friend's help, and his growing powers, he manages to trick the highwayman & getting him areested and hung for his crimes - and Edlyn enjoys the hanging a bit too much... his poor sister spends most of her time locked in their rooms (for her protection) and kept from any knowledge of what is truley going on - will she be a more developed character in the future book?

A magician, Bennick, who lost his power (in the destruction of her father) is manipulating her and Rafferdy to gain access to the artifact... and as Ivy, with the assistance of Rafferdy, solve her father's riddle, and Rafferdy learns about his magic to help her and they manage to defeat the rogue magicians and reinforce the protections.

An Quent returns from his last assignment, and they are happily together, until he must leave again... and her sisters and her are awaiting the opening of the Darrow house...

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