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The Slippery Slope by Lemony Snicket
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Nov 28, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: novel, mystery
Read from December 10 to 14, 2010 — I own a copy

For Beatrice-
When we met, you were pretty, and I was lonely.
Now, I am pretty lonely.

I spent DAYS on this book. So annoying. I can blame school, but I know that I also found it rather boring. That makes it quite ironic since this is the book where lots of things begin to be revealed. The sugar bowl, VFD could stand for Volunteer Fire Department, Hotel Denouemont and etc. Quigley was also introduced. Turns out that he was the survivor. I was quite shocked. I didn't expect the 3rd Quagmire to be alive! Definitely shocking when I first read it. I was really expecting it to be the mom or something.

Sunny has evolved a lot. She's not a baby anymore, like how she once was in the beginning of the series. She's now a toddler who's quite smart for her age. She's got lots of charm, too. She managed to win over the white-faced women. They even quit being part of Olaf's crew. That was nice. Especially since Olaf's crew was growing larger and larger.

When Violet chose not to go through with the plan of trapping Esmé, I thought it was quite stupid and foolish of her. They could have just trapped her, then tada! They could get Sunny back as fast as a snap! But Violet has morals. So instead of doing that, she told Esmé the truth and ended up climbing the mountain again while dragging Esmé behind. Esmé's so freaking annoying and the Baudelaires are too freaking nice. They should learn that making "wrong choices" are sometimes okay. They can't be perfect! They've been through so many trials and misfortunes that no one would blame them if they decided to trap Esmé to make their life easier! Sheesh!

Carmelita was such a spoiled brat. She's also greedy, just like Esmé. Actually, that makes them perfect for each other. Esmé could very well be Carmelita's mother and it wouldn't surprise me. Carmelita's also such a suck-up. She'd do anything just to be complimented. I hate her.

The ending was sad. The Baudelaires got separated from Quigley! They should have been together so they could have started The Grim Grotto with him! So unfair!

Thinking about it now, this book made me change my view on Olaf. Before, I just hated him. But seeing him afraid of someone else- a woman with hair but no beard and a man with a beard but no hair- made me think that there might be a greater evil out there. Maybe they're being ordered around by a greater being. That's why, right now, as I'm typing this, (which is a different time than from when I typed my long review above), I decided that Esmé and Carmelita are the truly evil ones. They're just so freaking annoying. I wouldn't even mind if Olaf decided to get rid of them both. I'd actually be cheering for him!

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Sarah How can u think that this book is annoying

Nina I meant the fact that I spent days to finish it was annoying.

Sarah Ohhhhhhh.......... That's what you meant

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