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Echoes by Melinda Metz
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Nov 27, 2010

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After reading Crave by Melinda Metz and Laura J. Burns, I was very anxious to check this out. Crave was simply amazing. It was one of the best books I read in a while, and I was very excited to start reading this series by Melinda Metz. Echoes includes the first three novels in the Fingerprints series; Echoes, Haunted and Trust. The synopsis is very intriguing, and I expected a great mystery with some thrill. In the beginning, I was a little disappointed because it was slow. Though, it became very interesting and I was unable to put this down. I liked the plot, and I was interested to see where a certain relationship was heading, which left me flipping through the last pages of the book to see what happens. There was certain things I liked, and there were things I really liked. But, after finishing this, I am on the fence on how I feel about this. Not everything in the end was answered, which was disappointing. I was anxiously waiting for answers, but we didn't learn that much by the time it was finished.

There were things I really liked about this. The main character, Rae, had grown a great deal by the time the book ended, but her relationships stayed the same throughout. There was not a lot of development between her and other characters. I mean, there was a bit, but with everything that happened, I thought that there would a little bit of change. BUT, I understand why Metz didn't have the relationships develop so fast. These characters have a certain "wall" that they've created due to past experiences. Opening up is not exactly easy for them, and as they experience this mystery together, they learn more about each other that slowly brings them closer. This made the story very real, and allowed us the really connect with the characters.

Rae may have seemed like any other girl at Sanderson Prep, but one day at school changed everything. She started to hear voices, and not just from conversations throughout the halls. She heard other people's thoughts, they swarmed throughout her head, revealing secrets and insecurities. These thoughts brought her to her breaking point, and she had to check in to the hospital, because she was considered somewhat crazy. Rae even starts to accept the fact that she is insane . . . where else would the thoughts be coming from? She becomes suspicious that this all links to her mother, and that she might be heading down the same road. Her mother could have had what she's experiencing. Now, it's the first day of school, and she will be seeing her friends for the first time since that day . . . the day that they all started to believe she was crazy.

School turned out the way she anticipated. Everyone is brutally kind, not in the good way. Her old boyfriend has another girlfriend, and she's being stared at constantly. On top of that, she has to attend group sessions to help her cope. There she meets a boy named Anthony; who will help her more than she could ever imagine. Trouble arises, and Rae is left frightened when a trip to the bathroom turns out into a dangerous incident. Someone planted a pipe bomb in the washroom, and she heard the thought "Rae must die" before everything went black. No one knows who did it, but Anthony is proven guilty when his bag his searched . . . revealing all the materials to make a pipe bomb. Rae doesn't believe that he did it, and neither does his friend Jesse. So who was it? And who is after Rae?

More twists and turns are revealed. Rae finds out more about her ability to hear other people's thoughts, and Anthony helps her understand that she's not insane. Together, they try to figure out who is after Rae. As they learn more about each other, Rae and Anthony become closer. The plot thickens, and this is more serious than they thought. Their friends are being brought into this mystery and secrets are revealed. While we learn about Rae, we also see what Anthony is thinking and feeling. Rae and Anthony are two great characters that made this book unique, exciting and very captivating.

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