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If I Should Die Before I Wake by Han Nolan
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Nov 27, 2010

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bookshelves: historical-fiction, 8th-grade, sad
Read from December 24 to 26, 2010

** spoiler alert ** i gave it three stars because of the content. Han Nolan couldnt really help that the Holocuast was so horrendous, but the story was good.
Hilary is in a motorcycle accident. She is part of a neo-nazi group. that is a group of people whose beliefs are inspired by Nazism and it started in 1945, when WWII ended. I should have looked that up earlier because i didnt know when it took place or what neo-nazi even meant. So i think she is from 1994 in Philadelphia.
okay, so anyway she was in this car crash and now she is in a coma.Hilary is so hateful it is almost unbelievable! It's awful! Her dad died when she was five and then her mom abandoned her for 3 days. Hilary never forgave her mom. she never really had any friends until she joined this group. She had a crappy life and it turned her into an EVIL person.
While she is in her coma she is experiencing the life of a Polish Jew, Chana, who lived during WWII. The things that happened to her are... there are no words even for how horrible the things are. When she is 13, i believe, her Dad and her brother's best friend are shot and killed by Nazis. Then her mom sends her baby sister with another family who is going to England to keep the baby safe.
Soon her family is sent to a ghetto. They live in extreme poverty that no human should have to live in. Then her grandfather dies. Everyone is dying. Her younger sister and mom are chosen to go on the trains. Channa and Bubbe try to escape with the help of Jakub, but they are caught and thrown in jail where they are beaten in order to get information, which they dont give. Then they are moved to another camp, but it has all right living comditions.
Finally they are sent to a work camp. Conditions there are horrid. Chana meets a girl named Matel and they become family. Matel gets sick and right when they think she will be alright, she dies! it was horrible!
Chana is sent to the music hut. That was terrible that they used music as a way to torture people. The people there are treated a ton better, but the other girls are so mean to channa because she is Jewish. The guy in charge makes her play something but she blanks. This girl had Channa's old violin but she wouldnt give it to Chana. But she does then and she says play for your tata. i completely lost it there!! It was so heartbreaking! Channa faints afterwards and sees all her dead relatives and friends. It was so touching!! Channa is the only person in her family who survives the Holocaust.
While Hilary is in her coma, some kids from her neo-nazi group try to set the Jewish hospital on fire! i just dont understand how people can hate a group of other people so much. Were all the same. it doesnt make any sense!!

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24.0% "Another thing, maybe I'm just stupid but when is Hilarys point of view supposed ot take place? I think it's in Philadelphia but they never tell it. Ps I don't know what happened it my other review but oh well."
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Hanna So far I can't really stand this book. The back of the book says that Hilary hates Jews, but the word "hate" is an incredible understatement. During the chapters in her point of view all she does is yell at this old lady who is Jewish. And then she yells at her mother but then at the old lady some more. Her mom is awful. And I feel bad for Hilary. Her dad died when she was five and then be mom left her alone for three days. She has a sad life but she is just sssssooooooooo full of hate I can't stand it.

Aaron You realize this was a book for middle school children, right? The brutality of the Nazis can only be delved into so far.

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