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Eye of Scota by Serena Yates
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Nov 25, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: adventure, first-read, healing, magic, own, travel, m-m, otherworld, science-fiction, romance, disliked
Recommended for: no one
Read from December 05 to 15, 2010

Yay, my third first read that I have won! I hope that this one comes soon in the mail.

I just got it today in the mail (03.12.2010). I'll probably start it soon since it doesn't have so many pages to read. xD

I was actually really looking forward to this book. To a point where I was seriously considering buying it if I didn't win it as a free read. I am so glad now that I never had to actually make that decision.

This book is really badly written, for one. The plot is disjointed; as though someone had a good idea, created an outline and then someone else tried to fill in the missing gaps and did a really really bad job on it.

Secondly, the characters are totally flat. They are all cliche's stripped from centuries of tales. There isn't an original character in the whole novel.

Third off, the world that this novel is set in makes no sense. The humans once came from earth (Scotland) and then their culture never developed further. And yet the characters use such out of character phrases and words (more equivalent to our modern times) rather than their Scottish-based Dark Ages lives!

Conclusion: It's not worth it. Perhaps if a really good editor would sit down and help the author out it could work (in fact, I'm willing to bet if it's a GREAT editor, this book could become something really amazing). I read 75% of it, and just had to stop. I couldn't continue to torture my well-developed mind anymore by loosing brain cells on such drivel. (On top of that, it took me 10 days to work my way through such a short book. That should tell you how bad it is.)

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Reading Progress

12/05/2010 page 2
1.0% "Making myself read this one now, before all the other BOMs and such because it's a first read (and not too long at that). First impression: peculiar mix of Scottish, Irish (Gaelic) and dark ages lifestyle. Could become something interesting or really suck at this point. :P"
12/05/2010 page 3
1.0% "Okay, first step into incredulousness: Their society is strange, okay, but does that really elicit the response of "Cinaed was well aware of his own forbidden urges, his longing to touch another man."? I really hope this isn't a book of cliches. xD"
12/05/2010 page 6
3.0% "I am trying really hard not to be all discriminating, but the "oh shit" that Cinaed thinks just really doesn't fit. xD Not at all. What a strange language choice for this supposed time-period, even if it is another planet. I need to find something positive about this book..."
12/05/2010 page 7
4.0% "Okay, so the author does have a bit of cynical/satirical humor: first explaining how 'ostentatiously' (yes, that word was really used) the high priest lives, then explaining how he uses an old fashioned quill (instead of a pen) to show how 'simply' they live. xD"
12/05/2010 page 10
5.0% "I'm not sure whether I appreciate this 'each character fits into it's own slot; round peg into round hole, square peg into square hole' business. The interesting characters are the square pegs whom you try and fit into round holes (See Boyd and Hsin from Evenfall). But it does make understanding their motives and personalties a mite easier."
12/05/2010 page 12
6.0% "Okay, Cinaed, there are some issues with you: you haven't seen your family in 20 years (since you were 5), they were never nice to begin with. All they do when they see you again is yell at you, and, hold on, let me get this straight, It's HARD to go up against your brother and father? Hello? what alligance do you owe to them? You should be pissed off at them, and throwing them out of your rooms. Honestly."
12/05/2010 page 14
8.0% "The plot is so disjointed, the characters are bits and pieces and don't represent a whole... but I think I'll keep reading until at least the half way point. If it doesn't get better then, I'll give it up."
12/05/2010 page 17
9.0% "Yay, Chapter One is over. Finally. Fast paced action coupled with horrible writing and not enough details. Well, chapter two seems to be on Earth. Perhaps it's better written?"
12/05/2010 page 20
11.0% "From a writers point of view, I understand what is going on. Setting up the situation, introducing the main characters and their goals. But from a readers point of view I have to say, this is absolutely crap writing. Please let it get better when the story starts."
12/05/2010 page 30
16.0% "Umm... creepy talking magic circle? Really? I'm all for the psychic power planet but talking stone circles that give headaches is a bit much, don't you think?"
12/05/2010 page 37
20.0% "Great, the two main characters are now together... lets get this show on the road?"
12/05/2010 page 45
24.0% "Sigh... I guess it's still eking from here on out."
12/09/2010 page 62
33.0% "The plot is still rather disjointed... the deeper plot of the stones, that is. The surface satisfaction of m-m romance is written better. Wonder what aim the author was going for? "
12/09/2010 page 78
42.0% "yeah, I dunno.. this writing style is really bothering me. "Makes or breaks a novel" and it seems like it's breaking this one. :( The plot would be sort of interesting otherwise. (Except for the part of mandatory male male bondings necessary for healing. That makes no sense at all for procreation.)"
12/15/2010 page 103
55.0% "The plot is still disjointed and moves too fast for my tastes, but I've gotten to like it a lot more. Perhaps the week break in between reading helped."
12/15/2010 page 141
76.0% "Okay, I think I'm done reading now. I can't take the disjointed plot, the bad writing style or the really skewered world view anymore. 3/4th through and I feel like I wasted all my time."

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Lena Grey If you didn't enjoy the book that's your prerogative. Everyone has different tastes. Constructive criticism is one thing; viciously tearing a book apart is another. Please remember that there is a person behind those words, one who has put great effort into sharing a part of who they are with you. Whether you appreciate their efforts or not, they are still worthy of your respect.

♥Xeni♥ My aim was not to tear the book apart. In fact, I was holding myself back from that. I was trying to explain what I felt that the book lacked and what could be done to make it better. That my words came out a little harsher than intended is probably due to my emotions clouding my view (since the writing style does really really really bug me).

I am sorry that you felt that this was too harsh and I apologize if you felt offended.

message 3: by ElaineY (new)

ElaineY ♥Xeni♥ wrote: "My aim was not to tear the book apart. In fact, I was holding myself back from that. I was trying to explain what I felt that the book lacked and what could be done to make it better. That my words..."

Great, informative review, Xeni! At least you took the time to tell us why you didn't like it. I find honest reviews like yours so much more useful than those that say nothing.

♥Xeni♥ Thanks ElaineY.

I don't really enjoy giving bad reviews, but if something sucks I'll explain why it sucks (because only then can someone get better). Like, if I write something bad, I want people to tell me WHY! (And so many people don't since they don't "want to hurt my feelings".)

If the author managed to get this book published, then it probably had something good to it as well; which I can't see. In which case, you can go buy my copy of the book on amazon, or mooch it off of bookmooch.com and see if you can find it. xd

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