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Shadows of the Empire by Steve Perry
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Nov 24, 2010

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Read in February, 2011

I'm a lifelong Star Wars geek but until this book I had never really delved into any of the Expanded Universe novels. For those looking to get into it, I suppose this is a good place to start.

While the story takes place chronologically between "Empire" and "Jedi", the main villain, Prince Xizor, and his "Black Sun" crime syndicate, are completely new to the universe. It is an interesting idea, a mob-style intergalactic organization just as powerful as the Empire, existing alongside it.

As for the book itself, it feels like watching a film. The language here is sparse and screenplay like, making for a quick read Obviously, the stakes a pretty low because we all know what is going to happen to these characters after this adventure.

One thing that did strike me as interesting was how Darth Vader is handled here. Rather than the monolithic entity he is in the films, he is somewhat of a sympathetic character here. We are privy to his thoughts and machinations, even his frustrations with proper decorum when handling offical Empire business. As a longtime fan I've always understood that there is a man behind the mask, but it was a little strange to be so privy to his feelings while he was terrorizing our heroes.


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