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plural noun: soulmates
a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

This is what google says it means. However, to each individual, the meaning is different. For me, I don't know if I truly believe in the word soulmate, because it sounds so spiritual and ethereal. What I do believe, is that their is someone special in the world suited for everyone. We don't always find that person, but for those who do, it's spectacular. A soulmate is supposed to be someone that builds you up and makes you want to be a better person. Someone that can put a smile on your face through remembering silly things they did. Get you so mad, you don't know where is up or down. A person that will love you in bad times, even though they hate you a little or even a lot. Someone who essentially believes in you. A friend, a love, maybe even both.

Without a doubt I will say the book emcompasses this meaning to me. From Madison's POV, this is a coming of age novella, showcasing how Jake and Madison traverse adolescence and becoming young adults. Humans evolve on a continuous basis and each relationship is dynamic. As with Jake and Madison, we see how two inseparable friends, soon become enemies, to consoling lovers, to distant memories, and ultimately the air the other needs to breathe.

Soulmates is centred around a group of friends, but mainly focuses on Madison and Jake. Jake and Madison have been best friends from the age of six and inseparable. Until they have a huge disagreement that turns into years of bitter enemies all through highschool. Madison is a naive young girl, with strong principles and even stronger morals. Never one to succumb to peer pressure or the stereotypical teenager image. She has a group of friends that have all lost their virginity. Becoming manwhores, and her girlfriends are more than promiscuous. Choosing to wait for the right moment, with the right person, Madison holds on to her virginity.

As the story progresses, Madison has a couple of boyfriends, all of who she chooses not to be fully intimate with. She loves them but isn't sure about going all the way. Life, poor choices and immaturity, sees her ending these relationships. Learning and growing with her experiences.

A fatal accident occurs, and both her and Jake, 'do the nasty.' Now I know this was inevitable, and with all the bitterness and verbal sparring between them, I was rooting for them to get together. I actually love how it occurred. The scene played out well. Consolation and relief for a short period of time, through grief.

Now this is where I had some concerns. Jake and Madison start up a hidden relationship of casual intercourse. Never being one for casual sex, and bitching to her others friends about it, this was a total 360 for Madison and for me. Then to top it all off, she goes and has casual sex with an ex-boyfriend, under the pretense of Jake and her relationship, not being defined. They're just friends with benefits. Yet, all she can think about it Jake. All the time.

Madison's character was powerful and so lacking in society these days. But when she took a turn for the worse half way through the book. I was more than sorely disappointed. She came off as fickle, and judgemental. Through all of this, all her friends were more or less having sex with each other. I was like WTF!! it was like a big orgy in my mind, trying to keep up with which friend was having sex with which other friend.

Heading into young adulthood and off to college, returning home during breaks, her and Jake keep up a casual sexual relationship, until she obtains another boyfriend. This time, I felt as if Madison was completely lost to herself. She just up and disappeared. Eventually, life and her relationship took over, and she finds herself getting engaged. But, something never felt right about this change in status to her. Then one night with Jake, has her reevaluating her life choices, and she ends the engagement. Leading her towards Jake's open arms.

One thing I learned in my twenty two years is that love is painful. Sometimes it takes making a lot of mistakes and being with the wrong person to lead you to the perfect one.

Why three stars, because I loved the intended plot of the story. The characters were well developed- Jake, he stayed true to himself throughout the book, and he realized that Madison had to make her own mistakes, and gain experiences before she could make the right decision. Also, even though Madison lost herself halfway through, I still felt that, this is what needed to happened, even though I didn't agree with how it playout. It felt too much like succumbing to what should and went along with everything without much thought. As if she didn't want to be alone.

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review* Thanks! and I'm looking forward to reading Jake's POV.
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