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So, The Hunger Games had a baby with Fallout. Then, they broke up and The Walking Dead became the new step-parent. Giving rise to the strange child we call Enclave. Isn't she a cwute wittle one?

I had this big stupid flow chart all planned out for this review, but it seems there are like a hundred reasons why it won't work. Well, more like two. Images aren't working correctly on Goodreads at the moment AND I can't find a free site to host such a large image on AND it looks like crap small. Damn. That's four reasons. I so can't count tonight.

Girl15 lives underground in the Enclave after an as-of-yet-unknown apocalypse of some sort. Having just finished training to become a Huntress, she is given a name, Deuce (don't even start), and a parnter, so she can begin exploring the underground. Also falling to her are the jobs of hunting and trapping food and fighting off "Freaks", creatures who were formerly regular people now equipped with claws, razor sharp teeth, and cannibalistic tendencies.

Deuce has the strength of Katniss, the intuition of Buffy, AND she eats zombies for dinner. Well, not really. But wouldn't that be an intriguing twist?

I have very high requirements for kick-ass female characters. When you grow up with characters like Buffy and Princess Leia, it can set the bar pretty high to begin with and can result in a difficulty being satisfied with Bella-ish whiny girls. Then when more awesome iconic characters like River Tam and Katniss Everdeen come along, that raises the bar even higher.

Now Duece is a pretty freaking badass character on her own. The problem is that Ann Aguirre set the bar just out of reach with her first kickass chick, Sirantha Jax of Grimspace, and Duece just isn't quite tall enough to walk in her predecessor's tiny flats and still measure up. She would need 6 inch platforms to reach the level set by Jax.

Well, she got the shoes. You know what kind they are? Zombie killing shoes. I guess, technically "Freak" killing shoes, but they help her measure up to Jax. With them, she kicks a hella ton of ass.

She sure reminds me of Katniss a lot. She is dry and detached, but she is a MACHINE. Killing machine, that is. I would have liked to see a bit of the spunk and snark that Jax is so blessed with, but they are two very different young women.

The society in the Enclave was infinitely interesting, and I would have enjoyed spending more time there and learning more about it. I have sooooo damn many unanswered questions. For example: They aren't supposed to have sex unless they are "Breeders". Does that mean an underpants pillowfight is out of the question? Come on, we need to know important stuff like this.

I would have liked more inner enclave espionage. Maybe to see Deuce and her partner, Fade, sneaking around a bit, being tensiony and sexual-ish and inciting rebellion. Then concentrate more on Topside in the sequel. This book is called Enclave after all.

And yes, Deuce is a strange name for a girl, or for any person for that matter, especially since I have the tact and giggle reflex of a nine year old boy. However, the name is only giggleworthy for the first few pages and a good unique name is a necessity. My dog still hasn't forgiven me for naming her after a science fiction technological masterpiece. Which one? I'll never tell. They are all good names, anyway. ;-) The Death Star... Flux Capacitor... Number Six.

Overall, I loved this! The last half is slow and arguably not as good as the first, but regardless, I'm still excited for the sequel!!
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Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Tensiony and sexualish?! Lol. Awesome review, Lyndsey. Now if you would just PM me the name of your dog so I can satisfy my scientific curiosity, that would be great.

message 2: by Limonessa (new)

Limonessa This review and a cup of coffee? Great for my breakfast. Well done.

Lyndsey Maja - I must protect the innocent!! My backyard and shoes would probably object to the "innocent" part. But I still think she's perfect.

Lisa - A cup of coffee sounds great right now. But I need to go to sleepy-by. It's 3:30am here.

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) No dog is innocent! I have a mischievous little Schnauzer to prove it.

Lyndsey Awwww. I had a schnauzer mix growing up. She was smart but very ornery... and jumpy; she could jump about six feet into the air. That is of course a measurement through the eyes of my six year-old self, so it probably wasn't actually as high as I imagine it.

The dogs I have now are all big doggies, though. No small uns, anymore.

Wendy Darling Nicely done, Lynds! I keep hearing great things about this one.

message 7: by Flannery (new) - added it

Flannery I am having a hard time even getting that interested in the first half! I guess we usually have similar taste so I better keep trucking...

message 8: by Lyndsey (last edited May 22, 2011 06:16PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lyndsey Flann, that's one thing that I didn't care for: It wasn't holding my attention easily. I actually considered a three star just because of that. But I feel like it was better than a lot of my other three stars.

Moorchild - I think if the main story had been based inside the Enclave, you would have liked it. I would have liked it a lot more that way. But the fact is that a large percentage takes place outside the Enclave.

The vaults are so fascinating to me in Fallout and those parts in them are all always some of my favorites. I was really hoping this would be more like that. With all those little subplots that come with such a small community and it's politics. If it had been that way, this could have been a five. The plot itself is pretty simple and straight foward. In fact, right now I'm even wondering what was the point of establishing the Enclave because the story turned out to be mostly about being above ground and finding other people. Anyway, I'm not so sure that you would like it as it is.

message 9: by Elle (new) - added it

Elle ...

I have a cat named Gaius B.

I also have an African Cichlid named Colonel Tigh, (poor little tyke only has one eye).

Catie The main thing that this review just gave me is a burning desire to read Grimspace. Why doesn't the mail work more quickly?

message 11: by Lyndsey (last edited Jul 05, 2011 06:32PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lyndsey Jax rocks! I think you will love it. Depending on my mood when you start reading it, I might join you. I'm due for a reread. If I can't get into anything soon, then I definitely will.

It seems like there have been tons of updates on my feed about Grimspace lately. The internet is trying to tell me something, methinks.

Catie Well, color me very excited. I won Grimspace over at Flannery's fabulous new blog, which just makes it all even more thrilling. I love free books!

message 13: by Darkfallen (new)

Darkfallen Hey there girly! SO I was wondering if you would be interested in letting us host you and this review at Paranormal Wastelands during the month of October for our Zompacolypse 2011 event? For all the details about the event go here: http://paranormalwastelands.blogspot....
Hope to see ya there and let me know is I cna use your review. Of course it will be linked back to ya;)

Lyndsey Definitely! That sounds like fun. I signed up for your blog hop already. :-)

message 15: by Darkfallen (new)

Darkfallen Sweet! Thanks Chica:)

message 16: by Ali (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ali Great review!! I've seen this book at several bookstores now, I've just never gotten it. Though, after reading this review I might have to invest some time into reading it one way or another.

message 17: by Anna (new) - added it

Anna Eshuis (Okay, so this is coming five years late, but still) Great review! I've gotten over my doubt -I'm not that into community stuff 'cause I didn't think anything could own up to Hunger Games- and I'm DEFINITELY gonna read it now! :)

message 18: by Tosh (new)

Tosh Layton Lol Leif read this it is funny review the book is kinda like the maze runner

message 19: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Johnson No it’s a baby of fallout and hunger games plus I pay fallout 4 and 3 and new Vegas

message 20: by Amber (new) - added it

Amber i cannot get over how much it reminds me of the Fallout series!

I find myself waiting to hear reports from Three dog about them

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