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All She Wrote by Josh Lanyon
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Nov 23, 2010

it was amazing

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Ok, maybe it’s my blond hair and preggie hormones but I didn’t clue in All That She Wrote was sequel to the most awesome(st) Josh Lanyon book evah–> Somebody Killed His Editor. Hand to god, I thought it was another series. If not for Jessewave’s early review I probably would have waited maybe 48 hours to buy this one and that would have been bad, very bad.

All She Wrote starts off with Christopher (don’t’ call me Chris) and JX 3 months after Somebody Killed His Editor. Christopher is still witty, dramatic and horribly bad at relationships. The beginning starts off with JX accepting that Christopher has a case of major cold feet and decides to tentatively break it off with him. Ok, I’m not going to lie; I got chest pains thinking is this going to be like the Adrien English series? Are they never going to get together until book 5 (KC sobs uncontrollably)?! Anyway, not to worry peoples it’ll all work out in the end.

Christopher (who doesn’t travel well FYI) answer’s his mentor, Anna’s summons after she is recuperating from an accident. Only to find out that she doesn’t just want moral support but wants Christopher to help solve the mystery of whom is trying to kill her. Will murder mystery, a broken collar bone bring JX and Christopher back together again…

Christopher is hands down one of my favorite Josh Lanyon character’s aside from Adrien (with an e) English. He’s witty, dramatic, and self deprecating.

“Age really is a state of mind.”

I groaned.” Please. Spare me the pep talk. “

Although I almost broke out in hives thinking we were not going to get a romance between Kit and JX, never fear JX does come back into the story and that’s all I’m going to tell you (insert evil laugh here). Even though Christopher is his own worse enemy when it comes to relationship you can’t help but fall in love with his sarcastic defensive humor and his vulnerability with his age. I liked how the mystery and romance had equal page time and I hope to God there are more books coming out in this series.

To tide ya’ll over I give you this delicious snippet:

“What?” I realized what and put up a self-conscious hand to straighten my specs.” Hey, I’ve always worn reading glasses. This is not an age thing.”

“I know that. I remember you wore them to your panel at the conference where we first met. You looked very intellectual – and sexy as hell. I like ‘em. They’re cute.”

Cute? My three-hundred-dollar Armani tortoiseshell glasses were cute? They were supposed to make me look erudite and distinguished.

He added with breathtaking honest, “I want to fuck you in those glasses.”

“Uhhhh….” I made a sound generally only heard when police officers ask what you were doing three Friday nights ago at eight o’clock – and can anyone verify your alibi.

All She Wrote is *now* one of my favorite Josh Lanyon books. Mystery check, witty sarcastic dialog check, and sexual tension that practically sizzles off the page check check check. If you’ve read Somebody Killed His Editor YOU CANNOT MISS OUT ON THS ONE.,I mean it.

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(Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick I really need to start this series.

Smokinhotbooks K.C. Somebody Killed His Editor is one of my top fav Lanyon books.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh I really liked SKHE, I need to get this one ASAP. See how clever I am with acronyms? hehe :)

Smokinhotbooks K.C. LMAO it's only $4.something on Amazon totally worth buying.

PS there may or may not be some really hawt sexy time scenes in this one

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh? Hawt sexy time? *raises eyebrows* I look forward to that but I do have to say that I loved the sexual tension and the round about flirting that went on in SKHE.

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