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Loyalty in Death by J.D. Robb
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Nov 22, 2010

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Plot Summary: NYPSD Lt. Eve Dallas and her assistant Delia Peabody, are called to the home of millionaire, J. Clarence Branson, the owner and co-president of Branson Toys and Tools. Considered by his friends, his brother, and his sister-in-law to be a good man, its all the more shocking when he is found with a hole drilled in the center of his heart. Branson's wife, Lisbeth Cook, comments about the reliability of the drill, and that she killed him because he was cheating on her. Before they can take Cook back to cop central, Dallas and Peabody are called to see a man named Ratso, who tells them he has good information to sell.

Ratso tells them about a man named Fixer, who was killed when he was beaten and drowned in the river. Fixer was, much like his name suggested, good at fixing and building. Fixer had said he had a good assignment, building bombs for a group of people. The people though, wanting to cover their trial, eliminated Fixer. Eve agrees to look at the file, eventually. Dallas and Peabody finally take Cook, and have her booked, although the PA will accept a plea bargain. Eve heads home, where she explains the case to her billionaire husband Roarke.

The next day, Dallas discovers that the PA has accepted a plea of man two, which she sees as wrong. Dallas had Peabody looking for data, when a stranger shows up looking for her. Peabody returns, and recognizes the man as Zeke Peabody, her younger brother. Zeke ends up staying with Peabody for a while.

Dallas questions B. Donald Branson, Clarences brother, and Clarissa Branson, Donald's wife. They both claim Clarence was faithful, leaving Eve with nothing. Meanwhile, Peabody shows her brother her small apartment, and he reveals he is considering a relationship with a married woman, who is his employer. Peabody, however, is not ready for the shock, when Zeke reveals his employers are the Bransons.

Dallas heads to Fixer's shop, to find it picked clean. He has a rack that is custom designed to hold weapons, and believes it would hold an army blaster. She goes to Roarke, who confirms her suspicion. Later, Dallas attends Branson's will reading, which Roarke also attends. Little to nothing is gained however, as all the people who got money from the will already had money, and the only thing established about J. C. Branson is that he was a good man.

The next morning, Dallas is greeted by Peabody, and a text disc for her to read. The disc is from a group, calling themselves Cassandra, named after the woman of legend, claiming they will bring punishment to the city, and promising to give a demonstration of their power at 9:15 that morning. At 9:15, a bomb explodes, destroying an empty warehouse, owned by Cassandra's main target, Dallas's husband, Roarke.

They've targeted some of Roarke's buildings and throw in Madison Square Garden and the Plaza.
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