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And Then There Were Gnomes by Colleen A.F. Venable
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Nov 21, 2010

really liked it
Read in November, 2010

Reason for Reading: Both books 1 & 2 are Cybils '10 nominees and as a panelist for Graphic Novels they are required reading for me.

This second story is almost as fun and cute as the first one and it does clear up some information for us. References to book 1 are mentioned so it is best to read them in order. The little hamster, Hamish, whose name is consistently referenced this time around is dying for another mystery for Sasspants to solve and for him to be her trusted sidekick. Only problem is he is driving 'Pants crazy by inventing mysteries all week, his latest one being to get all the hamsters to hide so he can claim they are all missing. Then the mice start to really disappear one by one and it takes some convincing to make Sasspants realize Hamish isn't crying wolf again.

Once again it is the personalities that win the read over which specifically focuses on Hamish and Sasspants this time though all the others do get some page time, including my favourite, the goldfish. It is also made clear in this volume that Sasspants is a girl. Halfway through the book she is called "she" and from that point on the words "she" and "her" are used frequently. I had mistakenly taken her for a boy in the first book, but as far as I can remember no mention of her female status was mentioned. Poor Mr. V. the owner has some children in to buy a pet, and they tell him his signs are all wrong thinking it's a big joke when he tells them walruses make nice pets, meaning mice, and when he asks the children what they are really called they jokingly answer alligators and the next day he relabels some of the animal cages with some more funny names. The last pages include an article on a non-fiction topic relevant to the story, this time explaining how mice can get through walls and a last page telling the differences between what Mr. V. re-labeled the animals and what they really are. A delightful comic series that I think will appeal to many ages for its sheer humour, which manages to hit several levels from young to older.
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