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Beg Me by Shiloh Walker
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Nov 19, 2010

really liked it

Favorite Quote: “Come here, Superman. My man.”

Tania Sinclair not only has lost her husband three years ago, but she went through a brutal rape by her husband’s twin brother a year later. Tania likes her sex rough and she loved to play out rape fantasies with her husband. Obviously her husband never hurt her and it was all just a game in the bedroom. But when her husband’s mentally unstable brother gets wind of the kind of stuff Tania likes, he forces her to have sex.

Two years later, Tania is still struggling with moving past that experience. Drake Bennett was Kyle’s best friend and he still looks out for Tania. She trusts him and turns to him now that she knows she must move on from the rape. And in order to do that, she needs new memories. She needs someone to have sex with, someone who can play out the fantasy she needs, and someone who will not hurt her.

Drake has been in love with Tania for years and when she propositions him with sex, no strings attached, he knows he is the man for the job. As he gives her what she needs, being slow and gentle or hard and rough when needed, he can’t keep his love buried.

Beg Me is the second rape fantasy book I have read recently (the other being Willing Victim by Cara McKenna) but the difference in this book is that the heroine loves rape fantasy, but unfortunately gets raped. And I think Shiloh Walker does an excellent job describing the horrific incident and struggle Tania has gone through, yet still keeps the book very sexy and romantic.

Although Tania likes rough sex and rape fantasy, and she knows she needs to get back to that point in her sex life to move on from the actual rape, there is also a very fine line Drake has to walk so he doesn’t push her too hard too fast. Once Drake gets a feel for how much Tania can handle..oh man does he become a dirty, sexy hero.

Drake is such a gentleman, and loves Tania so much. He takes the responsibility of having sex with her very seriously, which might not sound romantic, but really it a very sexy thing to do. The best thing he does is give Tania back her control. And in the process, he gives her so much love that it is impossible for her to not accept it.

Beg Me is a very intense, hot book but offers romance and for a shorter book, takes you on quite an emotional journey. I really enjoyed it.

Rating: B+
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