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Steal the Night by Lexi Blake
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My review of Book 1 is basically a series review, so instead of repeating everything, I’m going to focus more on the things I liked about this particular book.

This book is a fantastic wrap-up to the whole Zoey/Daniel/Dev/overthrowing the Council part of the story (it was the end of the series, so you could definitely end here, but I don’t want to say it’s the end of their whole story since there’s a spin-off series in which these three are side characters).

But before I talk about all that, I would like a moment to share something I have written. I call it “Ode to Marcus”:

Oh Marcus, my Marcus,
So much hidden badassery;
When you walked through that police station,
How I fell in love with thee.

Gosh, I love that scene. And I love Marcus, although my love for him kinda crept up on me. I didn’t notice him that much, and then, all the sudden, he was one of my favorite characters ever. Which is why this whole review so far has been about him even though the book was not. And it seems like, every time I reread, I’m reminded of some not-so-great things about him and think to myself, but then I remember that he’s a product of his time and of 2000 years of vampire society. Marcus is still someone who treats his companions and partners well, someone who’s willing to grow, and someone who has a lot of depth, and he really was helpful to Daniel and Zoey. He’s not perfect, but that’s part of what makes him such a great character in the first place.

Anyway… all the rest of the characters! I should probably talk about them too! Like…

Zack, the wolf who was a kiss-ass sometimes but who would sacrifice his own life in an instant for the people he’s loyal to.

Lee, the scruffy, beer-drinking, nap-loving lone wolf who’s more animal than man but who pushed aside his desire to roam in order to be there for his unconventional pack.

Neil, the gay wolf who was kicked out of his pack but who has this incredible inner strength and is the best, most loyal friend anyone could ask for. (Honestly, the more I reread this series, the more I appreciate Neil and feel like he’s the true hero here.)

Chad, the lawyer-turned-vampire-spy who feared for his own sanity and made you question whose side he was really on.

Sarah, the witch who made mistakes but made up for them and was there for her friend in the end.

Felix, the fallen angel who fell in love and is always the voice of guidance and reason.

Marcus, the 2000-year-old vampire who might have some outdated ideals but is compassionate and loyal and really just wants to find a true love of his own.

Marini, the head of the vampire council who might have been a good man once but who became unhinged and hardened throughout his many years of life.

Declan, the faery heir to the throne who may be an inappropriate jerk but who carries the heavy burden of a future king and has proved he’s capable of doing the right thing when it counts.

Dev, the faery prince who was shunned by his people because of his mortality and who felt expendable but is fiercely protective of the new family he’s found.

Daniel, the vampire who felt like a monster after becoming the Council’s death machine but wanted to do what was right and whose biggest fear is that this new life of his will be the death of the people he cares about.

And Zoey, the human who never lets anything stop her, supernatural or otherwise, when it comes to those she loves.

*sigh* Can you tell I love this series and all the characters in it?

As for the rest of the book, it was on par with the rest of the series with all the same great things. This author did such a great a job with the depth of the characters, the emotions, the complex and touching relationships (including romance, friendship, family, and found family), the humor, the action, and the plot. This book was tense, intense, and filled with so much struggle for the characters. I felt so much for them.

Not only that, I’ve mentioned before that each book before this one had a somewhat self-contained plot, but that the overarching plot was being set up the whole time. And this book took all those details and things that were set in motion and brought them together in an amazing and natural way that gave a satisfying [semi-]ending to the story! I appreciate the complexity of the plot more each time I read this series.

There’s nothing left to say that I haven’t said already. I do have my issues with this series, but my gosh, I just love it so, so much because the plot, the characters, and the relationships are so wonderful. It’s one of my absolute favorites, and I hope I never get tired of rereading it!

Recommended For:
Fans of Books 1-4 in Lexi Blake's Thieves Series. Anyone who likes laugh-out-loud hilarity, heart-wrenching emotion, complex and flawed but still lovable characters, action, heists, sex, supernatural creatures (especially vampires), and lots of adorable relationships of all kinds.

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message 1: by Choko (new)

Choko Wonderful review, K!!! I can't wait to start this series:-)

Kristen Burns Choko wrote: "Wonderful review, K!!! I can't wait to start this series:-)"

Yay! I look forward to seeing what you think :-) *crosses fingers that you'll like it*

Tara Clegg I adore this series! I just wish we could get the scene with Daniel and Dev!

Kristen Burns Tara wrote: "I adore this series! I just wish we could get the scene with Daniel and Dev!"

I LOVE the way their relationship grew throughout the series, so I actually emailed Lexi Blake to ask if we'd ever get any more about them, and supposedly we'll be getting something from Zoey's POV and *maybe* a short story about just the two of them. So I am anxiously awaiting that!

Tara Clegg That would be fabulous! She has said before that she may write the short story and put it in her newsletter, so I've been patiently waiting. I really enjoy the Thieves spin-off, too. I like seeing where everyone is and what's going on.

Kristen Burns Tara wrote: "That would be fabulous! She has said before that she may write the short story and put it in her newsletter, so I've been patiently waiting. I really enjoy the Thieves spin-off, too. I like seeing ..."

Apparently I don't pay very much attention to newsletters, haha, since I never saw that mentioned. But I'd better start because I don't want to miss that! I'm enjoying the spin-off too. (Well, Ripper was a little disappointing, but Addict was phenomenal.) I love getting to see all the old characters again, but I'm also loving Kelsey as the protag.

Kazza Such a comfort series. I'm currently re-reading them again and I'm at the latter part of book #2. I hate the whole Neil/Chad... thing. I dread it when I get there :(

Kristen Burns Kazza wrote: "Such a comfort series. I'm currently re-reading them again and I'm at the latter part of book #2. I hate the whole Neil/Chad... thing. I dread it when I get there :("

It's so much worse because of how Chad doesn't even discuss it, it's just sprung on poor Neil.

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