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Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney
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Nov 17, 2010

really liked it
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Originally reviewed on "http://bloodcrossed.blogspot.com"... Bloody Words.

Book: Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney
Genre: YA Comedy/Fantasy?
Rating: 9 out of 10
Buzzword: ADORABLE
Theme Song: "Forever" by Chris Brown (I had to.)
Favorite Quote: "It was pretty ridiculous to be injured by something called the Ball Screamer."

Lovable main character
Great secondary characters
Well-crafted coming-of-age story
Terrific societal parody

It's just fluff...

Summary: Finbar Frame has just moved from his private Catholic school in Indiana to public school in suburban NYC. He's tired of being a geek, constantly mocked and picked on, in the shadow of his cooler fraternal twin. And he would really like a girlfriend. One day on the subway he sees girls giggling over a book, a book about vampires. Finbar has an epiphany. He's pasty, nerdy, old-fashioned, and even allergic to the sun. What better way to attract girls than to pretend to be a vampire?

Review: This book is so highly recommended, it's not even funny. Except it is funny, the book is hilarious. Every other sentence I was laughing out loud. The main character is a sharp-witted nerd, but he never lets his wit show until he decides to become a vampire. Though the book feels YA, most of the humor is aimed toward adult readers, and always hits its mark.

But I don't like comedy in my books, I said. In general I don't. I mean, everyone needs a little comic relief, but I don't want that to be the main subject of the book. And really, this book isn't about being funny. It's a classic coming-of-age story about the unusual way this geeky boy learns he doesn't have to care what other people think. I absolutely fell in love with Finbar Frame. I think I lived his life, except I never had that epiphany on the subway.

I've ranted before about all of the books making fun of other books, especially in my genre (Nightlight, for example, by The Harvard Lampoon). I know they're all in good fun, but no matter what they end up feeling so irreverent to me. But this book isn't making fun of the works themselves. In fact there isn't a famous vampire story that Finbar doesn't mention at one point or another as having read it. Meaney is mocking the reaction to the work, i.e. the Twihards, who are completely nuts for vampires. I can't say I'm immune to this. I've been to all the premieres. So it was that much more hilarious for me.

(Okay, so Meaney does kind of mock on the vampire Harlequin genre pretty hardcore. But it's REALLY funny.)

And beyond the comedy, Bloodthirsty has a good deal of poignant moments as well. The relationship between Finbar and his fraternal twin, Luke, is a particularly nice source of touching moments. And then there are the multiple romances going on which are very high school and very...pulling on my heart strings.

But, as with most of its genre, Bloodthirsty is just fluff. A quick read to settle on the couch with on a rainy afternoon, But if this is it's only downside, I consider that a win.

It's a lot like the teenage virgin its written about: sweet, funny, and finished quickly.

Pick this one up when you need a good laugh and some warm relationships. Nevermind a great ending.
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