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King by T.M. Frazier
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“None of the kids in school were like me. I’d felt alone since my first day in Kindergarten.” – Brantley King

“I don’t know where I came from. I don’t know how old I am. I don’t know my real name.” - Doe

King is a far from the conventional romance novel. It is not the story for those who are looking for hearts, flowers, rainbows, butterflies and sunshine. King is rooted deeply in the dark, twisty, frightening and intense world of Brantley King and Doe, Jane Doe.

Brantley King has been on his own for a long time now, taking care of himself, relying only on his instincts, and his one true friend, Preppy. Preppy and King become friends at a young age, bonding over their mutual desires to live a different life, their crappy lives at home, and their hatred for bullies. Their relationship anchors both of them and becomes their saving grace.

Doe is young, frightened, starving, and very much alone. 2 months ago she was found in a heap of garbage, bleeding. She’s totally confused, lost, and she has no memory of who she is, what her name is, and where she belongs. Struggling to stay alive and fed on the streets with only a drug addicted whore as a friend, Doe is running out of time. Survival no matter the cost is the game plan now.

“They called me Doe. As in Jane Doe.”

When fate randomly lands Doe at a welcome home party at King’s one evening, it seems that her miserable luck may or may not have just gotten even worse. King’s world is filled with bikers, drug dealers, and criminals. These people do not play by the rules and Doe quickly realizes her mistake, she should not be here. From the moment King first lays eyes on Doe he is physically struck by his attraction to her. Doe is terrified of this larger than life man, who radiates danger and sex from his every pore. Attraction explodes between them, regardless of the consequences.

“If you took scary out of the equation, King was drop dead gorgeous.”

“He was the most terrifyingly beautiful thing I’d ever laid eyes on.”

King may seem to be the villain in this story and for a time he even seems to want to be, but I didn’t really ever regard him that way. Doe may seem to be the victim, but that thought process would be incredibly short sighted on the readers part. Both characters are flawed, confused, conflicted and struggling to just survive in their world. When their relationship begins to change and their perceptions of each other begin to shift all the rules get thrown out the window. Their connection, chemistry, and feelings for one another only intensify over time.

I knew from the moment I hit the 50% mark of King I knew that this story was not going to have a happy ending. I was desperate for it, kept reading, praying that my Spidey reading sense was wrong. Then I had a full blown meltdown, sobbing, running nose, red eyes moment. With no such luck, I was left heart racing, aching, breaking and confused. I have so many questions, my mind is reeling. I needed closure but instead I was flipping looking for more pages when there was none to be found! HUGE CLIFFHANGER at the end of this one, just so that you are forewarned.

“If I wasn’t sure whether I’d ever sold my soul, I’m positive I have now.”

This is the first book I have read from TM Frazier and I can now say without a doubt it will not be my last. I loved her style of writing, her characters, her sense of humour, and the impact her words had one me. I was emotional, anxious, a little scared and completely absorbed in this book from the moment I started it. I couldn’t put it down, I read it while I was cooking dinner, while I was eating, and even when I was supposed to helping my daughter get her bath, don’t judge me, I know I have issues. My point is that once I picked this one up, I didn’t put it down until I had read every single word. This story was so incredibly well written you can’t help being pulled in. It is dark, brutal and deals with some very disturbing subject matter, but because of the way it’s handled, I never really questioned Doe’s feelings for King. Their relationship is beautiful and unconventional and it seems destined to fail.

I can’t wait for Tyrant to be released, I have to see how their story will end and I just need more of that dark, dangerous and impossibly sexy Brantley King. If you love dark, twisty romances, that push the boundaries and make you really think, King is a must read! Get on it!

“Things don’t always start out the way we want them to. It’s the end that’s important.”
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