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The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel
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Jan 21, 2008

did not like it
bookshelves: fiction, survival
Recommended to Blast by: It was on a list of "must read survival books"
Recommended for: my enemies
Read in November, 2007

This book was recommended to me as a good resource for learning primative skills. I'd have to strongly disagree with that. There were a few medicinal plants mentioned but you have to slog through hundreds of pages of lame story-telling to find them. The book gave a very idealized veiw of the lives of cavemen. Everything was milk and honey and wonderful rather than brutish, ugly and short.
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Blast No, Kuovonne didn't read it. She prefers science fiction and anything written in/about the Victorian Age. I used to devour SciFi too, but now the scientist part of me keeps pointing out impossibilities which ruins my enjoyment.

Given the choice, I'd rather re-read Swiss Family Robinson than try "The Valley of the Horses". Something about Auel just really turned me off. I guess a caveman soap opera just isn't my thing, even if it has a few nuggets of useful stuff.


Halvor Fjellstad Idealized view of the lives of cavemen?Wich part?

Like when she's being raped (the word of our time) consistently ower a couple of years, or the part where she has to put her son (resulting from the rape) out in the cold to die or face being expelled from the clan (normally meaning death).

Or is it the latter part of the book where she is actually decleared dead and has to leave the clan without food, equipment or any help whatsoever?

Ðɑηηɑ I suppose you would like books which were recommended to you as a GOOD READ, not as an info source.. Maybe it was a factor of your rating the book 1 star?

message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah There were tons of medicinal plant mentioned!! I don't know what book you were reading but it wasn't this one. Also, if you're only looking for ugly, brutish, and short I pity you. If that is all you look for then you will never experience really good literature. That is all.

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