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Beautifully Brutal by Nicole Edwards
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Jun 16, 2015

it was amazing

Courtney Kogan works in the family business, Sniper 1 Security. She is the only daughter of Casper and Elizabeth Kogan, so she tends to get the easier jobs of “babysitting” children of the rich and famous. She can’t stand it! Now her father is sending her to get intel on the local Mob family, the Adorites.

Maximillian (Max) Adorite is the oldest son of the Mob boss Samuel Adorite. When Samuel’s brother, the underboss, has a stroke and is no longer able to perform his job, Max is promoted into that position. What happens with the daughter of the “good guy” and the son of the “bad guy” have an explosive attraction to each other? Beautiful Brutal is what happens.

“Beautifully brutal is how she’d come to think between them.”

This is a ‘standalone’ first book in a spin off from Sniper 1 Security. I am not a fan of the word standalone. Yes, you can read the book without reading the others, but no I don’t advise it. I was terribly confused at the beginning of this book because I hadn’t read Sniper 1 Security yet and the first part of the book revolves around something that started in that series. So I advise you read those first before starting this series, I know I wish I had.

That being said, this is a Nicole Edwards book so of course it was AWESOME (once I got past the beginning.) The book goes back and forth between present day and things that happened in the past two years since these two meet. It is an interesting story and has a bit of a ‘WTH’ factor to it. Since it is a Nicole Edwards book it is SMOKING HOT!!! My iPad needed an ice bath when I was done. Max is an anti-hero and this is demonstrated in chapter 19, OMG I was so upset after reading that. Dark, dark stuff there, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything dark by this author, so maybe that is why it affected me. It totally belongs in the story, but it was disturbing. Courtney is a strong female character, and those are my favorites. There is no “I need you to take care of me or this situation” from this woman. In fact, she is the one to step up and take care of the situation in one part. I highly recommend this book and I give it 5 stars with 4 hands down the pants! Can’t wait for the next one.

~Bookaholic Mama

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