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Sookie's still living with her two fairy-kin. Someones trying to kill Sookie....big fucking surprise! She finds a secret letter from her Gran. Eric's hiding something, Pam is awesome, Bill still gets on my nerves....fucking pest! Victor is still around....Oh and Bubba makes an appearance!

THE END......

No seriously:

The first half of the book was uneventful...was like watching paint dry actually. But the last 100 pages or so were good...especially up til the end! I loved the battle at the end, nice and bloody! Eric was great...when he was around. I think my issues with this book is the dragging out with the fairy bullshit. I just wish the whole agenda gets resolved and whoever is really out to get Sookie will just get it done already!

What I found annoying was Sookie and her vacillating! She plans Victor's demise for how long? Then when the smoke clears she's "uneasy" about the results....actually pissed is more accurate. I just wish she would make up her mind and woman up! She's still her funny, sometimes bubbly self and at times judgmental. Especially when it came to Alcide....what he did was fucking dumb but saying that she didn't like who he has become....wah?? He's the head of his Pack....he has to have some kind of superiority...some swag! He can't be a push over still pinning for you, waiting for you to leave the fucking vamps alone can he??? I'm starting to question you Sookie......Hello!! Don't get me wrong...I do love Eric! And I want them to work. And Pam is just great but I just don't think they are conducive to her needs. Well what she believes she needs...a.k.a., what not!

Although this was not one of my favorites of the series, Im still excited to find out where CH will take us with Sookie's story! Im PRAYING that Sookie doesn't end up with Sam! PLEASE PLEASE! Don't let it be that! I'm still holding out for Quin since at least he can give her kids and a normal lifel....for the most part.
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MISS VAIN If my memory stays true, I think it doesn't pick up until about page 180 or so and that's not saying much ;)


Cat Russell  (Addicted2Heroines) Wait. . . what? It picks up?

Couldn't resist. Don't yell at me ;)

MISS VAIN Cat ;) I said it picks up but that's not saying much lol you know my feelings on this book are that I wasted $16.00 haha

Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews::: Oye!!! I really dont like yal!!

You know Im kidding...Iv officially put it back on my bookshelf and starting Unholy Ghosts!!

MISS VAIN Lol! Way to jump on the bandwagon lol kidding.....just be ready to start Kate Daniels with Cat and u this weekend okay....;)

Becky I started it yesterday too. I'll join you in your boredom. I'm not sure it can be much more boring the Vampire Diaries which I have stopped reading 3 times now for other books. I thought maybe it was because I hadn't read a YA book in a while but who knows.

Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews::: Ya know...I liked the first 3 Vampire Diaries books but they got a little boring to me so I stopped!

I hate to break it to ya Miss Vain...but Im not reading Kate Daniels with yal:)

MISS VAIN Hey ladies The Vampire Diaries books became boring for me as well, but the show is awesome!!!!! I cried last week over what happened to Jenna and they better not kill if Ian Somerhandler because without Damen Salvatore I wouldn't even watch the tv show ;)

Oh and pray tell me why are you not going to read Kate Daniels with us Mrs. V?!!!?!

Becky Damon has been super dreamy these last 3 episodes. I think they got smart and realized their rating would be better with more Damon time ;)

Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews::: Oh hells yea!! I love Damon!!! Those eyes are killer!

MISS VAIN Love him, even my mom does too... But she doesn't watch the show, saw him on a talk show! He makes that show wonderful :)

Jamie I'm going to start Dead reckoning next. And only because I bought it, and I want to get it out of the way before the summer releases start coming out.

MISS VAIN This book was b-o-r-i-n-g LOL

Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify) Ugh really it was. That makes me so sad to say!!! Thank goodness for True Blood season 4/book 4.

Jamie No kidding. I'm so bummed out and I haven't even read it yet. But it's here, and I bought it, and I tend to stick with a series, even after it is no longer relevant, or even good.

Cat Russell  (Addicted2Heroines) Jamie wrote: "No kidding. I'm so bummed out and I haven't even read it yet. But it's here, and I bought it, and I tend to stick with a series, even after it is no longer relevant, or even good."

It's ok Jamie, I do it too. There could be 10 more Sookie novels that are only worthy of 2 or 3 stars and I would still read every one of them. Same with the Anita Blake series.

Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify) oh I will definitely read all the rest of the Sookie books, but I won't be jumping through my ass to buy and them and devour them like I was before...

MISS VAIN Oh yes I'm already this far in so I will continue to read them as well, but at least we will always have season 4 will Alexander *sigh*

Cat-Do you still like Anita Blake as much as you used to? I still haven't read that series yet.

Cat Russell  (Addicted2Heroines) MISS VAIN wrote: "Oh yes I'm already this far in so I will continue to read them as well, but at least we will always have season 4 will Alexander *sigh*

Cat-Do you still like Anita Blake as much as you used to? I ..."

My obsession with Anita started slipping somewhere around book 12 or so. Unfortunately, having an actual plot is no longer a requirement for an Anita Blake novel. It's basically sex with all of her men (yes, I'm jealous), a little bit of danger thrown in although the "bad guys" don't seem all that threatening anymore, and then the remainder is so uneventful that you forget what it was about 2 weeks later.

But I consider the largest part of her series to be 100% awesome ;) and I continue to read the books because there are so many characters that I've fallen in love with. It takes a long time to read 19 novels, so I don't want to give up after all of the time I've invested. It's not the best excuse, but it's the one I've got ;)

MISS VAIN Thanks Cat, I asked you because I know you're a huge Anita Blake fan. I have heard on GR about how the latest books have basically become written porn/erotica with no major plot. See I don't mind sex in a book, as a matter a fact I encourage it when its written the way a proper fantasy scene should be ;) and when it's between characters I love. However when it's just about the sex with little or no plot soever I'm not sure how much time and effort I would put into a series as I do the many series I am obsessed with. It's no secret that I especially favor series with one protagonist throughout the entire series with the it being his/her point if view, so naturally Anita Blake sounds quite interesting to me. With your opinion said, I think I will still give Anita Blake a go because it's just one if those series I feel like it's has a classic vibe to it and I don't want to be left out so to speak lol. In my opinion it's like never reading an Anne Rice novel but enjoying vampire books, or not reading L.J. Smith in the 90's I just did it because everyone else was doing it :-) maybe this summer I will dive into Anita Blake's world and see what it's all about. :-))

Samina ~ Escapism~ Yup, Thats the reason why I read Sookie Books because it was something eveybdy had read.I din't want to be left out.

Jamie I am an Anita Blake junkie, too. I am still reading the books, but they stopped being really good several books ago. I loved the books up until book 8 or 10.

I'm so sick of the sex scenes. Yes - you heard that right. I like well-written sex scenes. Anita Blake just seems to sleep with every guy she meets in these later books, and honestly, it had become boring. It's like, "Oh, look. Anita's orgy has grown to 12 guys." Who cares at that point. And really, I'm all about Jean-Claude and I don't like her with every Tom, Dick and Harry :)

And, hey, I'm no quitter. I never stop reading once I'm into a series. Even if the books completely suck. I still HAVE to know what happens for the characters.

message 26: by Cat Russell (last edited May 24, 2011 06:29AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Cat Russell  (Addicted2Heroines) @ Jamie - I think what took the fun out of it was when Anita became like a succubus and started treating sex more like a chore that she didn't want to do. And then we started getting guys like Requiem and Augustine who were, in my opinion, kind of creepy. And Asher just makes me uncomfortable now.

But the series still has a lot of the best sex scenes I've ever read. Like Anita and Nathaniel in the office when he bites the back of her neck to hold her down . . . that still gives me chills. I absolutely love the leopards.

Jamie See - I don't like Nathanial. I never have. I'd be happy if they shipped him off somewhere. But I guess that's just me - everyone else seems to love Nathanial.

message 28: by Kelly (new)

Kelly I have to agree with you, Cat--it stopped being fun for Anita, and as a consequence it stopped being fun for the reader. The early sex scenes were hot. The first one with Jean-Claude? Loved it. Especially since there were several books of build-up of the sexual tension.

And yeah, there just started being too many characters. If she could actually juggle them and flesh them all out, it might work, but instead she forgets about some of them for long stretches (Damian, anyone?) and forgets the details about others (Haven, whose marital status kept changing because she forgot how she'd written him before, and then she tried to retcon it afterward). It's obvious that she's written more characters than she can really keep track of.

And the biggest problem of all, I think, is that the plot just gets crowded out by the sex scenes. There's a murder in the first chapter and then we don't hear about it any more until the epilogue. I am exaggerating, but not by enough. I sometimes wish she'd just say "And then we all had sex and fed the ardeur." and then go on with the plot. I don't need to know every time they do it, just like I don't need to know every time they eat or brush their teeth.

I don't like Nathaniel either. I like Jean-Claude and I used to like Asher. I never did like Richard, which I think is unusual.

Jamie @Kelly - Well said!

Cat Russell  (Addicted2Heroines) You know, the funny thing is that Mrs. Hamilton said readers like us are the minority and we should read other books that don't make us think as hard (LOL!). She also says anyone who continues to read a series they no longer like is a "strange kind of fan". She was a bitch about it, but it still makes me giggle.

Jamie She's an odd duck, I think. It's not that I don't like certain series anymore, it's just that they get old. I still want to know what happens to these characters, and I still hold out hope that these series will go back to the way they used to be. What can I say - I'm a glutton for punishment.

~Jessica~I'm a Hoodie Ninja~ I heard/read that it isn't the same. ;(

MISS VAIN LOL! Since I haven't read any of the Anita Blake books I feel left out of the conversation since I have nothing intelligent to add to this topic, but I have read your convo ladies and your discussion is very interesting :-)

Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify) I'm kind of the opposite. I read the first Anita book and about half of the second and didn't really like it at all. I didn't see much happening between Anita and Jean-Claude and I was disappointed. I also thought Anita was too much of a contradiction...LKH wrote her as like some kind of serious badass, I mean everyone is afraid of her and stuff. But she acted like such a wimp sometimes and then she'd go home and cuddle with her stuffed penguins...I just didn't see it, lol.

I'm totally in the minority though Miss Vain, so you'll have to make up your own mind!!! Since I heard the series went downhill later on, with the super ridiculous non-stop sex and all, I just decided to leave it be.

MISS VAIN Thank you for your input Christen, we'll have to see how long it stays on my TBR pile, but eventually I do want to read it:-)

message 36: by Cat Russell (last edited May 24, 2011 05:37PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Cat Russell  (Addicted2Heroines) @ Christen - If you were expecting a romance or even sex between her and Jean-Claude, then I can definitely see how you would be disappointed. There are many books that you have to get through before any sex happens. That's what was so baffling about the extreme changes in the books for me. We go from Anita wearing iron panties to Anita spreading her legs and shouting "ALL MAY ENTER HERE!"

I can see how she would seem like a contradiction. Even though she kills with no remorse, she's still supposed to be the "good guy". So I think it's Hamilton's attempt to show that Anita still has a vulnerable side and isn't just a killing machine.

Even though I'm very much in love with the majority of the series, it's not something that I would push other people to try. Not like I would Cat and Bones or the Downside. It's just not for everybody.

Cat Russell  (Addicted2Heroines) @ Mrs V. - Sorry for turning this into an Anita Blake discussion. Completely unintentional ;)

MISS VAIN Well Cat since you and I have very similar taste with the exception of Vampire Academy ;) lol would you recommend it to me or not?

P.s. In regards to Mrs.V I do apologize as well, it was meant to be a short question, but everyone jumped on board with the Anita Blake discussion which was fun, but I know you're not an Anita Blake fan so I'm sorry :-)

Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify) @Cat - I still never finished the second book, so maybe one day I will finish it and try out the third. Maybe I just went in expecting something WAY different than what I got. These were also some of the first UF/PNR books I tried out after reading Twilight and Sookie, so maybe the timing was also bad, lol.

Lol, yes Anita Blake always seems to turn into a longer than expected topic. I've noticed that on discussion boards as we.. Everyone has their two cents to put in! Sorry Anita highjacked your post Mrs. V!!! Back to how much the latest Sookie book sucked! :(

Jamie Sorry, Miss V :) I just started Dead Reckoning last night. I'm already bored to tears. I just don't care about Sookie cleaning out her attic.

Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews::: Cat Russell wrote: "@ Mrs V. - Sorry for turning this into an Anita Blake discussion. Completely unintentional ;)"

Its all GOOD!!

Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews::: Im slowly reading it in between other books!!

Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews::: MISS VAIN wrote: "Well Cat since you and I have very similar taste with the exception of Vampire Academy ;) lol would you recommend it to me or not?

P.s. In regards to Mrs.V I do apologize as well, it was meant to ..."

Its not that Im not an Anita Blake fan perse!! The first one wasn't that good to me...but I did say that I would give it a chance though!

MISS VAIN Yes Mrs. V I do remember you saying that, and maybe I will read it with you. Hasn't this Sookie book been a dissapointnenr?

Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews::: most def! I just put it down yesterday when she was visiting the school with Hunter.

On a lighter note...Im really enjoying Unholy Ghosts!!`

MISS VAIN I'm obsessed with the Downside Ghosts series and Terrible is sooooo dreamy I Just love him!!!!!;)

Jamie This whole Sam thing is why I refuse to read this series any further :(

MISS VAIN Jamie wrote: "This whole Sam thing is why I refuse to read this series any further :("

That's why I didn't purchase Deadlocked yet! I am not a Sam fan and why would Harris continue to build up the Eric/Sookie relationship and make us love him to to ruin the relationship in the end? I hate that!!! Eric & Sookie were my favorite things about this series!

Jamie MISS VAIN wrote: "Jamie wrote: "This whole Sam thing is why I refuse to read this series any further :("

That's why I didn't purchase Deadlocked yet! I am not a Sam fan and why would Harris continue to build up the..."

She's been building up Sookie and Eric for what seems like forever. To tear them apart in the last two books does not make me a happy fan. Sookie used to be my favorite part of this series, but I turned to Eric as my fave many books ago. I can't take her and Sam together, uggghhhhh....

message 50: by Emmy (new)

Emmy No!!! I have yet to read the last 2. Is that what's happening? Pushing Sookie towards Sam? Say it ain't so!

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