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Mr. Murder by Dean Koontz
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Nov 14, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: group-reads, amazing, disturbing, read-in-2010, challenge, spring-2015, read-in-2015, worth-reading-again-and-again
Recommended for: Dean Koontz fans who liked Relentless
Read 2 times. Last read May 9, 2015 to May 15, 2015.

2015 Update: While I still enjoyed the story, I did drop the rating one star and this would not be #6 in my favorite Dean Koontz ranking - that was clearly my evil twin talking.

I read Mr. Murder as a mini-group read in the Koontzland - Dean Koontz group. While the ending could have been better, the story and mystery was plenty intriguing for me - intriguing enough that I'm ranking this at #6 in my list of Dean Koontz favorites. Mr. Murder wasn't quite good enough to make it into my top 5, but he's in my top 10 for sure :-) The book reminded me a lot of Relentless by Dean Koontz, a story I'm absolutely in love with. Mr. Murder was published in 1993 and Relentless in 2009. My top five favorite Dean Koontz novels are in order: #1 Life Expectancy, #2 By The Light of the Moon, #3 Relentless, #4 Cold Fire and #5 The Taking. My list is of course, subject to change depending on future reading and re-reading. Thanks Dean for writing so many books to keep me entertained and all you Dean Koontz fans who haven't already joined - come become a Koontzlander in the Koontzland - Dean Koontz group on goodreads, you'll be glad you did because I'm the moderator :-)

Update: I just realized that my evil twin wrote this review. I don't know if I would really rank Mr. Murder as #6, but I'll go ahead and keep this review because since I have an evil twin, I clearly have a lot in common with Mr. Murder.
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message 1: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne HEY I need to tell you all about my weekend with Dean Koontz!!

Dustin Crazy little brown owl Suzanne wrote: "HEY I need to tell you all about my weekend with Dean Koontz!!"

Please do share :-) Are you gonna post here or in the Dean Koontz thread? I'm anxious to hear the latest news from Koontzland!

message 3: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne I see what I can do! It was an incredible time!!

Jaice Cooperrider I don't recall ever reading anything about your experience, Suzanne. Would you please post something if you haven't already? If you have, then please direct me to it by providing a link. Thanks.

Dustin Crazy little brown owl She finally sent me a message :-) Maybe she'll be willing to share.

message 6: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne Hey I will tell you all about it as soon as I have some free time and a computer. It was sooo much fun and Dean couldn't have been nicer. More to come!!

message 7: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne Okay here's how the whole thing started. My Random House sales rep knows I like Dean Koontz and so he got me on the guest list for the launch party for his new book. Also Dean wanted to meet some of his bookseller fans and since he doesn't fly, he flew us to California. He paid for the air and hotel and we got picked up in a limo. Needless to say I knew this was going to be the beginning of a great weekend. Even if it meant missing Halloween. I've never been to the West coast and it was beautiful. Anyway I was so hoping the party would not be a costume party and it wasn't, dressy casual. Which means no tuxes or sequins. I took one of my co-workers with me. So the evening finally came and we all got picked up at the hotel and off we went to Mr Koontz's 126,000 square foot home!!! Do I have to say how incredible it was? Well It was!! Dean greeted everyone as they walked in and I gladly shook his hand. At the cocktail party I got introduced to his wife Gerda and their new dog Anna,who attended both the party and the dinner. After gorging myself on all kinds of yummy gourmet goodies and drinking my Grey Goose cosmos,which by the way, were poured through an ice sculpture made to look like the cover of Dean's new book,it was off to the sit down dinner. Me and 126 of Dean's closest friends!! More to come......

Jaice Cooperrider Suzanne wrote: "Okay here's how the whole thing started. My Random House sales rep knows I like Dean Koontz and so he got me on the guest list for the launch party for his new book. Also Dean wanted to meet some o..."

That sounds awesome!!!

message 9: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne So anyway, we sat down for dinner was amazing, 3 yummy courses,wine etc. Dean had live music. After dinner there was entertainment, a comedian, who's name escapes me. He was funny in a Robin Williams manic way. Then when he was done Dean got up and spoke. He was funny and gave a great talk about himself, thanked us booksellers and told some great stories about critics and letters he's gotten from fans. Afterward there were different stations set up. He had a palm reader,a mentalist,someone doing cartoons. I finally screwed up my courage to go talk to him. We talked about animals, naturally. I thanked him profusely for the invitation and he gave me a big hug. He was so down to earth and nice. He also had a roving photographer snapping photos all night. Unfortunately not one of my hug with Dean, oh well. There was a rumor that the photos were to be bound in a book and that we would all get a copy. And it was true!! I got my signed, numbered hardcover copy and I treasure it. We also got a huge canvas bag full of signed first editions including a limited edition of a chap book he did for the latest book. It was a great goody bag of stuff. More to come..

message 10: by Dustin Crazy little brown owl (last edited Mar 29, 2011 10:25PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dustin Crazy little brown owl Suzanne wrote: "More to come.. "

Awesome! anxious to hear more...... :-) You are a good storyteller.

message 11: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne Thanks Dustin I do try! Well there probably is not much more to tell about my meeting with Dean. I don't think anyone would be interested in how I got drunk on vodka in the hotel bar and started crying and lamenting. Not pretty at all!! I'd never been to California and it's quite a beautiful state and the people I met were so friendly, not like here in New England. That's story of me and Dean. Shit how could I have forgotten!! I got to peek in his private library. He had these gorgeous floor to ceiling bookcases. I was happy to see that he had some of the same books that I do. He had many antique books behind glass and a nice collection of Stephen King as well. Geez how could I have forgotten all this. I guess I could describe the house as well. Any interest in that?

Dustin Crazy little brown owl I'm interested in anything related to Dean Koontz :-)
I've heard that people in New England are nice :-) I guess it depends on who you talk to. I think people here in Colorful Colorado and generally friendly until they get behind the wheel and turn into Cruella D'evil.

message 13: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne So of course Dean's house was spectacular. There was even an attendant in the bathroom. Weird, no?? We were restricted to certain areas of the house by big burly bodyguard type men. They stood there with their arms folded in front of their chests, yes they meant business!! I also got to play with Dean's new dog Anna, scratched her belly, petted her. I was really surprised that he allowed people to touch her. She was very mellow as golden retrievers usually are.

Dustin Crazy little brown owl Suzanne wrote: "We were restricted to certain areas of the house by big burly bodyguard type men. They stood there with their arms folded in front of their chests, yes they meant business!! "

You tried to enter the restricted areas didn't you? You learned the hard way that they meant business - am I right? What exactly were you after?

Suzanne wrote: "There was even an attendant in the bathroom. Weird, no?? "

What did the attendant do for you in the bathroom?

message 15: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne I did try but was thwarted by Thor and his band of thugs!! The attendant handed me a towel. It was slightly embarrassing.

Driftwood okay, I am envious. sounded like an awesome time.

message 17: by Tom (new)

Tom Mueller Dustin, Relentless may be my all time favorite by Koontz. Mr. Murder? that's the twins who were raised as one individual? If so, that is probably #2 on my list.

message 18: by Nicole (new) - added it

Nicole Just downloaded this book & after reading your top 5 (1 I haven't read, but the rest I whole-heartedly agree), knowing you ranked this #6... I know what I'll be reading next & I'm psyched! You got good taste, what did you think of "what the night knows"? Just curious...

Dustin Crazy little brown owl Oh, I'm glad you think so :-) I didn't like What the Night Knows though - one of my least favorites. I liked the novella Darkness Under the Sun which was released as an ebook about a month or so before What the Night Knows - I thought it was much better than the actual novel.
Darkness Under the Sun by Dean Koontz

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