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Meant For Each Other by D.H. Starr
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Nov 14, 2010

did not like it

This story is totally annoying in my mind.
I read the the story and the start of the book pulls you in, like a good story should, but then it starts to get... blah... Anyway the main couple loved each other, but even if they did grow to love each other as children, they didn't keep in touch true the years even if they though of each others constantly or daily. I mean really, you love someone and you stop communicating with the person for 15 years ? really... ? The feelings in this plot are not felt, they didn't feel real at ALL.
Absolutely unrealistic.

I totally DON'T Recommend this story.
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D.H. Starr Meggie:

I'm sorry the book didn't work for you, however, I like that the book has evoked such a range of response.

I found I had to really work at trying establish why the two of them would have fallen out of touch for 15 years and ended up giving the two main characters, Craig and Jeremy, some time to reflect on their side of the story.

In the end, I tried to convey that keeping in touch was just too painful and inhibited them from moving forward in their lives separately. Each contact sent them backwards in terms of adjusting to life without the other. It was simply easier emotionally after a while to allow themselves to fall out of touch.

Of course, that was the less courageous choice, but in reconnecting they finally found the strength (or RE-found the strength) to do what they should have done to make their lives better.

I appreciate they you took the time to read the book and to comment on it.

I wrote a book Wrestling With Desire which tightly centers on two characters, Derek and Scott. It is a young adult novel and focuses on the issues of coming out, finding first love, and teenaged angst. It's loosely autobiographical so everything in it is highly believable, which seems to be the issue you had with Meant For Each Other. If you aren't put off by my entire work, maybe this is a book you would enjoy.


message 2: by Lori K (new)

Lori K So, no happy end? Is this one of the bittersweet romance novels?

D.H. Starr Personally, I think it's a happy ending since the two main characters end up together. Most people have loved the book, but as is true with everything, there will always be some who don't. The formula for romance is a happily ever after and this is a romance.

One character ends up sort of not happy, but I'm writing his story next.

message 4: by Lori K (new)

Lori K Thanks, I loved your other books!

D.H. Starr Thanks so much Lori.

Meant For Each Other has been my best seller. I think she didn't like some aspects of the story line. The kids had been best friends and then Jeremy moves across country and they slowly fall out of touch over the next several years. I guess this reader found that to lack credibility...which is totally fine. Like I said, not everyone will like every book.

I'm so glad you liked the other two.

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