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A Separate Peace by John Knowles
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Nov 13, 2010

really liked it

Have you ever been at the peak of jealousy, almost wishing someone dead. Have you ever woke up one day and questioned the true reality of a friend and their very own loyalty. Two boys, very close friends are about to embark on a journey neither would of ever thought of experiencing. This book will show the true sides of despair and regret and will shake you and your imagination on a nightmarish roller coaster ride straight to the end. This book is a twisted mystery, which will always leave you thinking about betrayal and dishonesty that the two boys Gene and Phineas (Finny) went through. I liked this book and gave it a four out of five stars for the following reasons. First of all the plot sent me away with a moral and a strong sense of how friendship could become a twisted mess. However at times I felt the story was slow paced and certain scenes just left me waiting until something big were to happen. The author created a clear portrayal of Gene's guilty personality. Although the answer to this mystery was presented early on, the robust feel of character motives and identities still presented so much for the reader to learn. I generally like books that are of the mystery and thriller genre. This book didn't thrill me, but I would recommend it for the lightweight mystery readers who love twisted tales that could apply to your own lifestyle. Overall the level of detail and characters made up for slow plot movement in the book. The first person writing was done well as was seeing changes in Gene over time. To look back you can see that time was taken to distinguish how Gene grew older and how he matured. The world war II setting was smart to set the mood of dark and gloomy yet full of vengeance. I also liked how deeper themes like transformation of identity played a strong role in this book. This was B+ literature in my views and I thought John Knowles did a good job on creation of characters and how their interactions affected the overall story.

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message 1: by Pam (new)

Pam Newton Nice work Logan! Good job imitating the language on the backs of books. You may have a chance to do some of this "selling" of books later on in the year.

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