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Jealousy by Lili St. Crow
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Nov 11, 2010

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** spoiler alert ** Oh Dru, what is happening to you?

Nothing much happens in the book. I mean...okay, yeah... nothing much does. I keep waiting for her to freaking "bloom" so we can, you know, move on to the more important things? Like kicking ass. But I sort of feel that in this book, all Dru does is whine. And oh yes, Graves. I could have sworn she had a thing for Christophe...but no? She likes Graves? Though to be totally honest, it feels to me that she equates Graves with a safety blanket...and that's kinda not cool. Then there's Christophe, whom she treats like yesterday's meatloaf, wishing he was Graves instead of being him but then things happen and she kisses him and she "forgets Grave" (not once but twice, um...hello?). What is EVEN CREEPIER is that she equates Christophe with her father - Christophe who had a thing for her mother, who might or might not have "swapped spit" with her mother...okay, my brain just shut down, it refuses to go down that path. And what is up with Dru wanting someone else to handle everything? Hello, you are supposed to be an ass kicking heroine, not someone who wishes for other men (yes, men because there are no other women in the book beside Dru - okay fine, her mother and Anna, and her mother is dead while Anna is a bitch) to make things better. I seriously did not appreciate that.

So all in all, I felt that the book was one hot mess. It doesn't mean I won't read the next installment in the series, it just means that to me, this series has slipped down the rungs from the wildly entertaining (yet substantial) series it used to be. It's still entertaining but it's lacking substance. It's not well thought out and seriously, this installment was more frustrating than anything else. I kept waiting for something else. I am SO OVER the flashbacks. Honestly. And I wish Ms. Saintcrow would work out Dru's issues and give her just one instead of making them so hodge-podge. I felt like I was watching Anita be confused about her men for a second. =\
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