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Seize the Night by Dean Koontz
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M 50x66
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Nov 11, 2010

it was ok

When you are about to read a person’s book review the first two things that pop in your mind are did they like the book and do they recommend it, my answer would be yes and probably no. The main character in Seize the Night by Dean Koontz is Christopher Snow. Chris also known as “Snowman” by some of his friends is a very smart, aware, patient, courageous , and surf loving person who illegally carries a gun. He has genetic disorder called Xeroderma pigmentosum where contact with light can cause him skin and eye cancer, so he is a person who is always in the shadows and he normally embraces darkness. In this book Chris runs into his friend Lilly who’s five year old son went missing, he tells her he will find her son which leads him to Fort Wyvern which is an old military base. The book is all about finding Lilly’s son and Chris’ dog Orson who he loses at the fort and trying to return.
I do have to admit that this book is very interesting, it kept me very entertained. There was so much detail, it was great! Christopher Snow was described so well that you felt like as if you knew him his whole life. Also you knew his relationships with others very well like his brotherly connection to his dog, his history with his ex Lilly how he calls her badger, how much he loves his girl friend Sasha, or how sarcastic he is with his best friend Bobby. At times reading I felt like I was in his dark and sick mind as it wandered. It was hard not to keep interest in this book there were many things in it like the vivid details of darkness, genetically mutated monkeys and other animals, coyotes, spirits, death, guns, and many other things that kept the book eerie.
You are probably wondering if I liked the book and sounds so interesting why do you not recommend it? My answer to that is not that I don’t recommend it but I probably Don’t, it depends. This book absolutely had me and then around the part when Chris went to Fort Wyvern the second time it lost me. One, the tone kind of changed; In the beginning there was not a lot of dialogue and a lot of description, but then there was a point where it was basically all dialogue. Two, the part of the book where he was back in the fort confused me. There was a lot going on at once, there were way too many characters who got thrown into the mix. The first time at the fort it the amount of characters were simple; main character and his dog looking for a friend’s son and then his best friend was helping when Chris called him. Also to confuse you time paradoxes, which when time gets thrown in to any story I tend to get lost sometimes. There was a book written before this one telling a story about Christopher Snow, I didn’t read it but if you read that first it may help to understand this book and to take your time near the end then I would recommend this book.
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David Ambrose 45/50. Not bad! I'm glad you liked it!

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