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The Guardian by Mary Calmes
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Nov 11, 2010

it was ok
Read in November, 2010

I feel as if Calmes got bored halfway through this book and ended it early.

It starts out very good, focusing on Jude, his crappy life, his past, a dog that he saves and becomes attached too; I really enjoyed this part. However, when Jude passes through the dimensional rift called "the vale", everything goes down hill.

I can excuse the way Eion and Jude fall completely heads-over-heels in love for each other in a matter of hours, simply because there seems to be some magical force that has destined them to be together. However, Eion is a very Marty Stu character. He's perfect in every sense of the word. You will not find flaw with this man, and when a possible flaw is mentioned, it's quickly swept under the rug by his sheer perfection and lost forever.

Jude and Eion have the perfect relationship. Whenever it seems they may break out in a fight, they just end up having hot sex. Anytime a third party tries to step in and steal Jude (which happens a lot, because Jude is apparently the most attractive man alive), Eion steps in and resolves it in a matter of seconds. Nothing bad can possibly happen to these two, and it gets old really quick.

As for beyond the vale, there's an interesting storyline going on concerning a war, a baroness, and a struggle for power. And right as you think you're going to get some really juicy action; you're swept away with Jude. The next SIX MONTHS, the entire war, the fates of all the characters that you've become connected to, is summed up in four paragraphs from Eion's point of view.

Honestly, that alone could have been another 100 pages of story; but this book doesn't focus on plot, it just focuses on the insatiable lust and unconditional love of Jude and Eion.

I don't regret paying for this book; but I wouldn't put it on my list of recommendations.
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