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The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause
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Nov 11, 2010

it was amazing
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I loved that book. It took me a day and a half to read it, it was so captivating. There was no slow moment, everything felt important to the story. I saw some shocking similarities to Twilight, especially in vampire Simon who often thinks the way Edward would, but it was written in 1990, so if anything, Meyer is to blame for the similarities. But those similarities didn't make this story seem like a pre-Twilight or whatever you want to call it. The plot itself is much different, even with the vampire falling for the human 16 year old girl. Their emotional bond is not as deep and detailed as Edward and Bella's, though they're still somehow attracted to one another. He 'glamours' her into a kiss, and bites her, she doesn't mind because she feels attracted to the lonely boy who echoes her own loneliness. Zoe's mother is dying, her father spends his time either at work or at the hospital, she is not allowed to see her mom as much as she'd wish to. That's where the story takes on a deeper level. It deals with sickness and death. Simon's story is not all rainbows either. He's after his brother, a boy turned vampire at the age of 6, to avenge their mother's death. Indeed, the vampire toddler killed their mother before turning Simon a few years later. Simon then swore to kill him in return to all the wrong he did. 300 years later, and Simon has his chance to fulfill his desire of revenge, and asks Zoe for her help. She will help him...and I'm not gonna tell you how it ends, you gotta read it. So yeah, it's dark and still very sensual. You'll fall in love with the characters, even though Zoe sometimes acts whiny...oh, wait, she's 16 and her mom is dying...Nevermind!


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