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This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein
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it was amazing
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This will be a difficult review to write because I have so much to say, yet I don't know what. It will probably make no sense at all but whatever, I'll try.

Going into this, I was a bit afraid. I've never read a non-fiction book outside from school (apart from biographies) before and especially not one that was this big. But it went really well, and even though it took me a really long time to finish it (by my standards), I'm so glad that I read it. This is exactly what the title suggests, a book about the conflict between the climate and capitalism, and why we as a society must come together and form a new economic system that does not depend on exploiting the nature and other human beings. I will say that I already believed the main thesis that Naomi Klein puts out which obviously affected my reading experience. I'm active in the green party in my country, Sweden and I study sustainable devolopment so I knew a lot going into this. But still, there was so many different topics in this book that I haven't thought about before especially when it comes to the economy itself. You know, even though I am an enviromentalist, I always kind of felt stupid in some ways because every time a I discuss certain enviromental problems with people they always respond "yeah, I get it, but what about the economy?" and I never really knew how to answer because I couldn't really see any other realistic economical models. Well to put it the cliché way: this book changed everything.

I am a person that questions everything. I don't see things as black and white or right and wrong. But I started to realize while reading this book: I question every single thing around me except for the economical system that I live in even though I know that it is horrible from my point of view. I wanted a different world but I just couldn't see how that would be possible. Well, it might have been my education and my low age but I was seriously so stupid because let's face it, capitalism as we see it today has only existed since the 80's. Humans have polluted the earth for around 200 years but the current system isn't exactly ancient and that was one of the most important things that this book made me realize. We can and we must change it.

Naomi Klein has a way of putting a bit to much info and not enough discussion in my opinion. I prefered when she discussed a topic on several pages than those were she just "info dumped" statistics. It's necessary to know a lot before forming an opinion and she certainly is convincing but sometimes I found that to be a bit boring. But apart from that this book was wonderful and so important. I think this is the kind of book that everyone should read given that you know some basic information about climate change itself before. If you're kind of unsure if you believe it or not, I would recommend reading or watching (there's some really good and simple documentaires out there to watch) something else first. But if you do know about, read this book no matter of your political believes. I think everyone can gain something even though you don't agree on everything.

The book itself does not really deserve five stars but I do not rate my books on quality, I rate them on feeling and how much they impacted me. My heart is so weak when it comes to both climate change itself but also the amazing and powerful fight that is going on against it. I am 18 years old and I live in Sweden, one of the world's most privilage country when it comes to a future affected by climate change, both geographically, politically and economically. I will obviously be affected but not nearly as much as other people in this world. But I do care, I care so much that it hurts. I don't want to live in a world where people are dying in floods, heats, famines and drought. But I also don't want to see a future where my children won't play in the snow as I did when I was a kid. I think that's why I am so emotional when it comes to the fights against it. I'm not kidding, I was seriously crying throughout the third section of this book which is about the movement against climate change.

This book gave me guilt, fear for the future but also hope and it was exactly what my personal activism needed. It brings up the questions society doesn't allow us to ask and things media doesn't show us. It's so extremely important because climate change will in one way or another affect us all and I we do not act soon, it could kill millions of people and some of the things that we value the most. This book is a part of a new movement, the movement that can actually change everything and hopefully create a better future for all of us.
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4.17% "I'm so weird. I've finished all my school work before my long summer break and my brain goes "Let's read a thick non-fiction book about climate change!". I mean, please brain, give me a break. The book is good though."
June 9, 2015 –
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4.17% "I'm so weird. I've finished all my school work before my long summer break and my brain goes "Let's read a thick non-fiction book about climate change!". I mean, please brain, give me a break. The book is good though."
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