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Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander
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Nov 10, 2010

it was amazing

I want to thank everyone for such a nice response to our first official romance day; I was stunned. Let’s get right to this novel as it’s something that really found a place in my mind and heart very quickly. I guess having a wife and seven daughters rubbed off on me a little and I was able to channel my feminine side during this read. I really am enjoying the historical romance category. I am going to try others, but right now I am grooving on this for another novel or two. By the way as a side note, my wife, Mrs. Gelati, will be giving me a break and taking over this spot next week. She has two tear jerkers to highlight. But I digress yet again.
The synopsis of Within My Heart is interesting and drew me to the novel: “ Widow Rachel Boyd struggles to keep her ranch afloat and provide for her two young sons, though some days it feels as though her efforts are sabotaged at every turn. When her cattle come down with disease and her sons' lives are endangered, she must turn to Rand Brookston, Timber Ridge's physician and reluctant veterinarian. While Rachel appreciates his help, she squelches any feelings she might have for Rand--her own father was a doctor and his patients always took priority over his family. Rachel refuses to repeat the mistakes her mother made. But when she's courted by a wealthy client of the local resort, she faces a choice: self-sufficiency and security or the risk inherent in the deepest of loves. “
The plotline and the narrative were very emotional and I found myself making a strong connection here. I was deeply interested in the characters and what was to happen to them. The dialogue was good, I loved the setting, and Tamera Alexander’s descriptive abilities made me feel like I was right there. The romance novels are taking an edge off my reading each week and I am enjoying it so much. This novel was released in 2009 but it still holds up well; it is historical romance after all. I don’t hesitate to suggest this novel at all. Put it in your Shelfari or Goodreads to read list at the very least.Go off the reservation a bit and get in touch with your feelings with Within My Heart, it will creep into yours.
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