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Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts
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Nov 09, 2010

really liked it

Happy Ever After/ The Bride Quartet is a toast to lifelong friends, to making memories, to celebrating moments, and to first and final loves.

Happy Ever After is likely my favorite novel of the series. Like the other novels in the series, the friendships, the camaraderie, the trials and triumphs of falling in love are all very inviting and appealing. You are there among friends as you journey alongside each women towards their happy ever afters. Reading Happy Ever After was bittersweet; I was eager to learn Parker's story and yet I wanted to savor and prolong the story, knowing it would end soon.

The story was a fast read for a positive reason. I didn't expect an out-there-utterly-amazing plot but a feel good romance. A novel that would be the equivalent of comfort food for a night in. Perhaps a predictable plot, but nonetheless a great story. I'm going to miss the women of Vows and hope it won't be the last I read of them.

The story centers around the infallible Parker Brown and the likes-to-get-under-your-skin-because-he-can Malcolm Kavanaugh. Mal likes to fix things, whereas Parker gets things done, which when you think about it is almost the same thing. What Mal and Parker have yet to realize is that beyond mutual attraction and non-serious flirtation is the love they have for each other. Their love is growing day by day. Their nature to solve problems ironically creates conflicts in their relationship. Parker senses a troubled past is what keeps Mal distant and the more she tries to help, the more withdrawn he becomes. In Parker, Mal sees beyond the perfectionist and order to the vulnerability and need for stability and security in Parker's life. He can give her all this, as he is exactly what she needs, and vice versa, if he can trust and open up.

Their journey is not a lonely one; the women of Vows, Parker's closest and bestest friends, and their men are right there supporting them. They provide solutions and insights but also share the progress of their relationships. The beginning and ending left a feel good feeling, like the end of a good night with friends. The series is a testament to friendships, and not far behind, to finding love.
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