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Fell by David Clement-Davies
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Nov 09, 2010

really liked it

Monika Lee
ELA 702

Have you ever felt like an outcast? Pushed away by your peers and friends because of something you could do or know? Fell, a black-furred wolf from Transylvania is an outcast from the rest of his pack and is isolated from his sister, Larka, due to the fact that both his sister and him share the gift of seeing the future and other peoples thoughts. This causes him to become a "kerl", which means lone wolf.
In the book, Fell by David Clement-Davies it also tells the story of a young girl who is as Fell. An outcast from her own people. They both meet when Fell saves her and both discover that they both share the same fate. Which is to rid the earth of a evil ruler who plans to enslave and capture mankind and animals. They both go on a journey together discovering things that they never knew about each other and themselves, overcoming challenges and telling their stories about the obstacles they faced in life such as how it felt to be outcasts.
This book is a suspenseful and thrilling fairy tale and isn't just your average wolf story about a werewolf falling in love with a human, but about a wolf and a human girl who join together to save the world that has rejected both of them and caused them to become outcasts. This book will have you stumbling over your own feet for the next book and wondering on what will happen next. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who enjoy a good suspenseful and entertaining fairy tale to enlighten their day.
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