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All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris
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So, there's a big event that has a lot of protesters who want to kill all of the people at the event. All of the people attending this event are staying at the same hotel which supposedly has great security, because, again, there are crazies who literally would LOVE to kill everyone in attendance. Soon after arrival, each and every party gets a phone call from the management of the hotel saying that there is an extra piece of luggage that belongs to them and they need to come down and pick it up. As they go down to get this unidentified luggage, they notice that there are representatives from each group of attendees also picking up their extra bags. Nobody seems to be missing luggage. Nobody claims these extra pieces and they sit in the rooms of these guests, unclaimed. Are you seriously telling me that nobody would consider this suspicious? Post 9/11? I find that very hard to believe. Basically, this hotel has worse security than your local elementary school. Who is the head of security? Paul Blartt, mall cop?
paul blart photo: Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2009_paul_blart_mall_cop_0021.jpg
Did people actually pay money to watch this movie? I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that there is a sequel to it...

So, Sookie is going to the Vampire Convention to assist the Queen because you know that all-powerful creatures that are hundreds of years old need the brain trust that is a 27 yr old redneck waitress from a podunk town to keep them safe. And, it pays off, big time. Even though this girl has never even been in an airplane before, and says "gosh" with wide-eyed wonder at the big city lights, she is constantly uncovering plots that the vampires can't seem to figure out even though they are being hit over the head with clues. I guess they are technically brain-dead, right?

Also, Sookie is all fired up about her were-tiger boyfriend, Quinn. And, why shouldn't she be awed by him? He is a giant bald-headed guy whom she is constantly comparing to a genie.

I'd had time to appreciate his outfit while he spoke. He was wearing full trousers that gathered at the waist and the ankle. They were deep scarlet. He had cinched the trousers with a wide gold belt like a prizefighter's, and he was wearing black leather boots with the trouser legs tucked in. He wasn't wearing a shirt. He looked like a genie who'd just popped out of a really big bottle.

genie funny photo: Aladdin Genie genie.jpg
Well, hello, sexy!

Really???? She could be with Eric! (Yes, I know I complain about this in every review. Shut up! Have you seen Eric? I know you have - in every other one of my reviews on this series!)

eric true blood photo: true blood eric 638.gif
I don't want to break with tradition...

So, the choice is between him and a genie. Hmmmmm....

decisions decisions photo: good_decisions.jpg
Some people are clearly better decision-makers than others...

This book was vampire focused, instead of Were focused, which I liked. The vampire politics and their cold-bloodedness is much more entertaining than the shape-shifters. The story was entertaining enough, even though you want to smack Sookie upside the head a lot. But, I want to smack her upside the head pretty often, so that's nothing new.

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message 1: by Daiane (new)

Daiane I stopped in the first book. I couldn't stand Sookie at all. :(

message 2: by Kathe (new)

Kathe L Wow, I didn't even know True Blood has books! I should try it someday. Great review ^^

Jilly I never had seen the television show until last week, and I've been binge watching since. It is a lot different than the books. It is frustrating and yet suspenseful because I have no idea what will happen in the shows! lol! I've wanted to throw my book at the tv several times, but since it's a nook, I refrain.

Amelia Oh my god, Jilly, we almost wrote the same review. I tried to refrain from mentioning Eric though because that tends to turn me into a teenage fangirl, minus the acne.

Jilly Amelia wrote: "Oh my god, Jilly, we almost wrote the same review. I tried to refrain from mentioning Eric though because that tends to turn me into a teenage fangirl, minus the acne. "

There is never enough Eric, and never too much fangirling. ;)

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