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Stop! by Alison G. Bailey
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“So do not fear, so I am with you: do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Beyond 6 Stars – Stop! Is incredibly powerful, it broke my heart then healed it in the most beautiful ways.

Hollis Murphy is on her way to the college of her dreams, to study her passion and start a brand new chapter in her life. But instead of being excited to begin her new journey she is nervous and scared more than anything else. Her life was irrevocably altered one night a year ago and while she is incredibly happy to still be alive, she will carry the scars with her forever, emotionally and physically. Once upon a time Hollis was a typical, fun, easy going, well liked senior in high school. She has always had the most amazing parents and the best friend anyone could ever ask for, but even that isn’t enough to keep the darkness away forever, the feelings of loneliness and the overwhelming, sometimes crippling fear that still overcomes her, still creep in, no matter how much time passes. Being away from home for the first time in her life, separated from her Mom, Dad and Maggie (her BFF) is going to extremely difficult for Hollis, but she’s determined and refuses to sacrifice any more of her life for the accident that happened a year ago. It’s already claimed more than enough.

“I didn’t understand what everyone’s problem was with me. I didn’t do anything to warrant their cruel attention. I just wanted my life back.”

Settling into her new home at Chambers University is a daunting task but Hollis is going to give it her all, her new roommate, Abagail is a bit aloof but seems nice enough but then she stumbles into him. Literally stumbles into him. Risher Stevenson, the most swoon worthy boy she’s ever encountered in the wild.

“This real boy was so much dreamier than the ones in my head.”

Everything changes in an instant and for the first time in a very long time, hope flickers, albeit weakly in Hollis’s heart. Their relationship made my heart race and stutter, I giggled at their banter and I found myself swooning over Risher, he’s all kinds of perfection.

Stop! Is a far cry from the last college romance you read guaranteed. In fact I’ve never read a story that tackles the extremely sensitive issues that are covered within these pages, and it is done with breathtaking beauty, understanding, and sensitivity. Bullying has always been and always will be a hot button issue for me, I have no tolerance for it in any shape way or form, so to say that this book affected me deeply is a gross understatement.

“The true character of someone is not visible with a brief glance from the naked eye.”

My heart hurt from the very first pages of this book and it continued throughout. The writing is absolutely flawless and engrossing. The characters: Hollis, Risher, Abbigail and Benton, made me feel every ounce of their pain, joy, fear, insecurity, conflict, and shame. Stop was amazing, and I felt the words do deeply it was at times overwhelming. Bailey has a true gift for creating heartfelt and powerful stories and Stop! Is just that. The grace and poise with which she tackles these subjects is mindboggling and truly inspiring. There is no judgement, only understanding and genuine compassion. This book will leave you feeling emotionally distraught but also fulfilled and happy. I cannot possibly stress this enough, everyone should read this book, young (actually especially the young) or old this story will give you an entirely new perspective on life, love, loss, grief, acceptance of others and our differences and determination. It was simply perfect in every way. I loved Stop, every single word, every moment, every tear that I shed, lead to one of the best books I have ever read. Congratulations to Ms. Bailey she has once again broken me as a reader; I am still sniffing and emotional while typing these final words. Well played Alison, well played indeed. Stop! Now has a permanent position on my all-time favorite book list and it’s incredibly well deserved.

“Stretch your mind, open your heart, and expand your understanding.”

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