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Songs of Love and Death by George R.R. Martin
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Nov 07, 2010

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Jim Butcher - Love Hurts .. Harry Dresden is on another case with Murphy, they are tracking down someone who is cursing people to fall in love with each other till it drives them mad and they the kill each other in a suicide pact. But can they find them before they too fall under the curse.

Jo Beverly- The Marrying Maid .. The moment Rob Loxsleigh seen her he knew she was the one. Oh he thought others could’ve be the one, up until the moment he kissed them and realized they were not his marrying maid. But with her he didn't even need to get near her to tell, she was the one.

Martha Darby could feel the heat of this man’s stare. But knowing that a man of his stature could only have one interest in a woman of her social status, she dismissed him right away. Even once he approached her and her mother and made his interest known she still tried to refuses him. Unnerved by her attraction to him and his persistence to pursue her made her resist harder.

Rob knew he couldn't push this beautiful woman or he would lose her completely but if he didn't hurry and convince her to marry him the curse set on his family would be activated and his entire family, any one within his blood line would die within a year.

Will she give in and except him or will the curse be activated and his family parish? Who set this curse and why must he marry Martha and Martha only before his 21st birthday?

Lisa Tuttle - His wolf ... Katherine Hills a small town collage English teacher always felt her life was incomplete until Cody Vela and his wolf Lobo walked into it.

Cody told her how he found Lobo tied to a tree and he saved him and ever since he has changes his life to accommodate Lobo. They take two runs a day he takes him absolutely every ware he goes. He saved him and gave his life to his wolf.

As crazy as she knew it’s sounded to her but this man brought out feelings in her she never felt. After their short meeting that first day she arranged to see him again, only to be informed by her boss that the man she so desperately wanted to be with was in fact the local drug dealer.

After confronting Cody he admitted that was his current profession, but he’d give it all up for her. He said it may not be easy but he’d do it.

After a few weeks of hearing nothing Katherine worried the worst has happened that is when the wolf shows up but no Cody to be seen. Where is he? How did the wolf get here? Will she ever see Cody again?

This was an interesting anthology. There were a quite a few stories of aliens and alien planets. There were a few stories that had a sad ending. Some stories were good but if I wrote a synopsis on the story id tell too much and ruin the story for you. His Wolf and The Marrying Maid were my favorite stories in the book. I loved the little fae story that was told in the marrying maid it was fascinating. Of course I liked Cody so I loved His wolf and the ending was defiantly interesting. I was glad I read these stories they were very good.
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