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The Way It Is by Donalda Reid
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Ellen, a brilliant 15 year-old, about to turn 16, is focused and determined to reach her dream of being a medical research doctor. She has been taking accelerated courses in Vancouver... when all at once her world is rocked. Her parents inform her that they are moving to a resort town near an Indian reserve. Ellen is mortified and beside herself that she is leaving the school where her intellect and studies flourish.

Once there, however, she meets and befriends Tony, an Indian who is a loner like herself. They become friends and the last year of high school is filled with a satification that she has never experienced before. Tony and Ellen help each other through the rough moments, the joys, and the unforgettable moments of teenage life. Their friendship blossoms into something more, and when it is time for both of them to go to the university, it is bittersweet...yet it is The Way It Is.

I found this story to be just a plain outright delight. A YA romance with historical references that wasn't too corny or mushy. I loved both Ellen and Tony and their typical teenage 1960 voices. Their love story was a testament to the times...I found I was rooting for them throughout their senior year relationship.

Thanks to Donalda Reid, Goodreads, Second Story Press, and Lauren Connor for this ARC copy.

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